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How Can I Be More Eco-Responsible in My Daily Life?


Everyone wants to breathe clean air, drink clean water and protect the environment. Doing this does not require massive changes to your life. There are actually small things that you can do every day to make a difference. You should know about a few ways to be more eco-responsible in your daily life.

Drive Less

Driving in a typical car sends a significant amount of pollution into the air every day. Even highly efficient cars are releasing emissions every minute they run. Do what you can to drive less. Car pool, take public transportation or ride a bicycle. Consolidate your shopping trips. Try walking to nearby locations instead of taking the car out for just a few minutes.

Turn Off Lights, Appliances and Electronics

Leaving lights, appliances and electronics on for just a few extra minutes a day can add up by the end of the year. You will be using more electricity. This causes more harmful emissions to be released by power plants. Turn off anything you do not need immediately even if you are coming back in a few minutes. Unplug appliances and electronics you are not planning to use.

Recycle Everything Possible

Recycling helps to preserve energy and resources. Recycling reduces the demand for virgin materials that must be extensively transported and processed. You can help the environment by recycling everything possible. This includes glass, paper, and plastics and even scrap metal. Metal recycling from Federal Metals Inc can be one of the most lucrative, eco-friendly endeavors you pursue. Recycling reduces the need for landfills and protects the environment.

Carry Your Own Reusable Bag

The disposable plastic bags used at many retailers harm the environment. They require petroleum to create. Plastic bags can also end up in natural areas where they harm wildlife, contaminate soil and remain in the environment for decades or longer. Carry your own reusable bag around while shopping to be more eco-responsible.

Stop Using Disposable Water Bottles

A final step is to stop using disposable plastic water bottles. These water bottles end up in the ocean, landfills and other areas where they cause a range of problems. This is true even for disposable bottles made from recycled materials. You should start using a hard plastic, metal or glass bottle that can be refilled once it is empty.

Helping the environment is often as simple as taking a few extra seconds to recycle something or turn off unnecessary lights. The cumulative effect of all your small changes will become significant over the course of a year or more. You can be more eco-responsible without having to change your entire lifestyle.


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