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Recycling Made Easy: Six Ways You Can Help the Environment and Make a Difference


Despite the numerous benefits for the environment, many people simply don’t recycle. However, recycling is a lot easier than many first assume. Below are six easy ways to recycle and help the environment.

1. Make a Compost Heap

Food waste is one thing that often gets dumped into the trash. However, you can actually re purpose this garbage. Create a compost heap in your backyard near your garden. Use multiple layers and add non-food materials like grass clippings and leaves. After several weeks of decomposition, this compost can be used to add rich nutrients to your soil.

2. Purchase Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are one product that can definitely harm the environment after being disposed. While you can recycle your batteries, you can also lessen the need for purchasing new ones by investing in rechargeable batteries.

3. Bring Your Own Shopping Bag

Many stores now sell reusable shopping bags made out of sturdy fabric. Purchase these and bring them with you on your trips to the grocery story. The alternative of course is paper and plastic. Paper and plastic grocery bags are one of the most significant sources of waste in the United States.

4. Recycling Old Automobiles

Over the course of a person’s lifetime, they are likely to amass a number of vehicles. It’s a good idea to trade in your old car when purchasing a new one. However, some cars or trucks may be in such bad shape that they are of no value to car dealerships. Still, these cars have plenty of material such as metal, rubber and electronics that can be recycled if donated or sold the proper recycler.

5. Purchase Recycled Paper

If you have to print off documents for work or school, switch to recycled paper. When that paper becomes trash, make sure to recycle it again. Also consider switching to online news websites to lessen your dependence on printed newspapers.

6. Learn What Can and Can’t Be Recycled

Unfortunately, certain items cannot be recycled. For example, aerosols such as empty spray paint cans will not be accepted by most recycling centers. You can use this knowledge when choosing what items to purchase instead. For one, you could choose paint that comes in a non-aerosol aluminum bucket that can be recycled.

Recycling is not a passive activity. You must be constantly considering what items you can purchase that are recyclable and how to recycle other items you already own. The benefit for the environment is always worth the effort. Informational credit to General Recycling Industries Ltd.


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