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Real Estate India: Locations in India where You can Find Eco-friendly or Green Buildings

Eco-friendly housing refers to structures constructed through environmentally friendly processes. It involves using building materials that will not harm the environment by way of pollution. As social awareness of the benefits of environmental friendly building increases, more and more people mostly from the high-echelon of the society are embracing the concept and are acquiring such homes. Real estate India has also bought into the concept. Therefore, they are targeting investors and individuals who desire to improve health and comfort, increase aesthetic appeals, and enhance total quality of life. If you are looking for where to get eco-friendly residents in India, this article is positioned to reveal them to you.

States and Locations in India with Green Buildings

These states house the highest concentration of green houses. It, therefore, affords realty investors targeting such houses to put in their funds. And it is because the demand for green houses has increased.


Amongst 320 plus structures in India licensed as environmental friendly with green housing structures, Chennai is a home to a whopping 42 green buildings. Additionally, it has one out of two green licensed self-sufficient bungalows in India. Shell business service center, Menon eternity in Alwarpet, and Turbo energy office complex are all having platinum mark. The next rating following platinum is gold and silver. The ratings are fixed based on sustainability, natural resources consumption, interior environment quality, and waste management. Buildings like Tamil Nadu assembly and Anna Centenary library are all gold rated. People living in Chennai are upbeat in matters regarding eco-friendly housing, and declare the M.D. to En3 Sustainability Solutions Pvt ltd, Sathiaram Ram.



Next to Chennai is Mumbai with 29 green home certifications. It is regarded as an eco-friendly home. Based on the survey executed on the monetary viability studies on green structures, it shows that the cost of construction is higher than regular building, but the investment is recoverable within 3 to 5 years. And that is apart from the benefits generated from saving above 52% in power fees. The city possesses many environment appealing edifice like the India tower Mumbai, which was completed in 2010. The edifice represents the country’s transition towards the green house concept. Another building that symbolizes green friendliness in Mumbai is the Antilia building.

Daulat bungalow located in J.V.P.D (Juhu Vile Parle Development) scheme is recorded as one of the first to embrace hybrid energy in 2002. The hybrid power system contains solar panels, batteries/inverter, and windmill. Other buildings in Mumbai with the certification are Enercon India, Kalpataru, K Raheja, Hiranandani BG Building, and Kalpataru.

The National Capital Region

The NCR houses about 28 green structures. It is next to Mumbai. The neighboring cities include Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Bhiwani, Alwar, and other close by towns. The millennium city alone, Gurgaon, has about 15 buildings that are eco-friendly, with 5 of such building possessing the highest platinum license.

Other location in India with eco-friendly buildings are Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Sriperumbadur, Madurai, Salem, Siruseri, Coimbatore, etc.

Eco-friendly building is a trend in India that is high in demand and therefore will constitute a huge real estate investment potential for individuals and companies. There are over 320 buildings in India with the green house structures and some of the locations are Chennai, Mumbai, and NCR, just to mention a few.


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