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Going Green: 5 Energy Efficient Home Renovating Ideas


With the growing awareness among both manufacturers and consumers that energy-efficient products should be part of their building projects, green remodeling has become a very large business. Yet despite the notion that many homes have already implemented some of these changes, there are always areas in energy efficiency that homeowners can improve upon.

Here are five relevant energy efficient ideas for remodel projects:

Extend the amount of solar coverage that you plan: You may not receive that much sun during the course of the day in some seasons, but neither does Germany and they have generated over 50 percent of their country's total energy needs for short periods of time using only solar- so it is possible to gain a lot of energy efficiency by adding solar panels. One example of coverage that people are just starting to consider is solar film that covers windows and does not detract from the view out, but generates electricity. Thin film panels are also coming on the market that can slip over your siding tastefully, giving you even more solar output potential.

Architect your heating system well: A lot of custom builders will tell you that it isn't hard to choose a heating system that will work for your home. It takes a bit more skill, however, to build the ducting so that it maximizes energy efficiency in tune with the right heating source. Having some experts from a company like Alair Homes who specialize in major renovations in Vancouver take the time to ensure that your heating system is optimized in every sense is therefore a pretty good idea.

Add light to your house: One of the most important things for young children is to be exposed to natural sunlight. In California, they started building new schools that featured natural sunlight several years ago and found out that children's test scores increased by almost 10 percent over time. Adding natural light to your house will therefore allow you to save on electricity costs and enhance your family's life.

Go with energy saving appliances: One really good way to see a future that can be incorporated into your home is to follow the Consumer Electronics Show news from Las Vegas online. Most of the revolutionary energy saving appliances that are available will be on display there and end up in a news story. Past examples include tankless water heaters and ultra-energy efficient washers and dryers.

Have some specialists do an energy audit for you: Having professionals audit your home for energy efficiency before you start planning your project will give you a complete understanding of its potential to be upgraded when you do start to work on it.

Energy efficiency in your home can save you money and make your life better. By making a few extra changes, you will likely be greener and more satisfied with the results.


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