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The Top Five Most Eco-Friendly Home Building Materials


Being eco-friendly and caring for the environment is becoming more and more trendy as people begin to realize not only the necessity of conserving natural resources, but also that eco-friendly practices can often save money in the long run. This is especially true when it comes to building a new home. There are tons of new building materials on the market that are eco-friendly and efficient! Here are the top five.

Recycled Steel

Instead of cutting down trees and destroying the forests, many builders are choosing to use recycled steel, often made from scraped cars, instead. There are companies that can make custom beams based on the blueprints of the new house, and best of all, constructing a home out of steel makes it incredibly strong and is perfect for areas that are prone to high winds or earthquakes.

Recycled Wood/Plastic Composite Lumber

Sticking with the recycling theme, this product combines recycled plastics with wood fibers to create a strong, pliable building material that is less prone to rot and less toxic than typical chemically-treated wood lumber.

Cool Roofing

A blazing hot summer day and a black roof means one thing: high air conditioning costs. Thus, it makes good sense to use cool roofing materials that are light-colored and reflective to beat the heat. However, if a light-colored roof doesn't please you aesthetically, new materials are hitting the market which are reflective and darker colored. A specialist from Century Roofing Ltd says a recyclable metal roof can be an excellent green option, as it will last for years before being reused.

Straw Bales

Straw is actually the stalks of grains like wheat, oats, and barley. This by-product has no nutritional value to livestock, but it does have a great insulation value for building homes. When baled, it is easily stackable and bonds nicely to stucco and plaster walls.


The ultimate renewable resource, the dirt from the Earth, also known as adobe, is free and abundant! While it may be harder to find a skilled craftsman who knows how to build a home out of adobe in the United States, countries around the world have been using adobe for centuries. They have long understood that this resource has a great thermal mass and allows for visually appealing homes.

Using any of these eco-friendly home building materials, whether it be recycled steel, recycled wood/plastic composite lumber, cool roofing, straw bales, or earth, can help save the only planet we have. Plus, many of these products create energy-efficient buildings that will save on utility bills for years to come.


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