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Sports and Rooves: They Actually Can Go Together

When you look up at the roof of a building sport is probably one of the last things to come to mind.

However, after checking out a few rooftops around the world you will see that sport and rooves actually do go incredibly well together at times.

Football on the Roof in New York

What do you get if you combine Manchester City, the United Arab Emirates embassy and a school in a deprived area of Spanish Harlem in New York? That’s right; you get football on the rooftop, of course. This $250,000 (£164,000) plan means getting a quality synthetic pitch put on the roof of a 6 storey school and then building a roof over it at some point in the future. The pitch was officially opened in 2012 and as well as the schoolkids it also benefits other local players. Manchester City also organise regular football clinics here, showing that the rooftop of a school can be used to help create the football stars of tomorrow.

The World’s Highest Tennis Court

People playing tennis on the roof isn’t as unusual as you might think. The world’s highest ever tennis court is said to be the one that was temporarily built on the 280 metres (920 foot) tall luxury Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. This was done to promote the Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open back in 2005. You might remember the spectacular, dizzying photos of Andre Agassi playing against Roger Federer up there. Playing tennis on a flat roof might sound a bit strange but you will also find it happening in other places too. For example, the new Amazon building planned in the Shoreditch area of London is going to have a rooftop tennis court on it as well. It is something we may very well see more of in the future, although we should be wary of incidents such as the one in New York when the ball from a rooftop court hit someone at street level in the eye.


Golf on the Roof

While it is fairly easy to imagine people playing football and tennis on a large rooftop, what about golf? Surely it would need to be a massive building to fit even one hole up there. Well, there are some places where you can take your clubs up onto the roof with you if you like. For instance, you will find that Tokyo has at least one rooftop driving range. Some places also offer miniature crazy golf courses on rooftops, such as the Wacky Rooftop Golf played at Breakwater Beach Water Park in New Jersey. The crazy golf course opened occasionally on the roof of Selfridges in London has also proved to be extremely popular whenever it is available. Perhaps strangest of all is the long-running plan to build a driving range on top of a car parking ramp in Minneapolis.

Rooftop Yoga at Home

The ideas we have seen so far aren’t really the sorts of thing you would want to carry out on your roof at home. After all, most of us don’t have room for playing golf or for cramming two teams of football players up there. However, there is surely room for one person to try out some yoga there. If you have had a stressful day at work just imagine going up to the roof with some relaxing music and trying a few yoga postures in the fresh air. An alternative approach is to do this early in the morning and watch as the sun rises while you get your day off to a great start. If you need to get your flat roof repaired first of all then you need experts like http://www.marcusroofing.co.uk/ to give you a strong, reliable place to try out the Mountain Pose and other great positions.

A Luxury Swimming Pool Up High

There can be few things more luxurious and exciting than going for a dip in a rooftop swimming pool. There are some spectacular examples in hotels and private residences all over the world, with infinity pools being a particularly amazing option. This is the ideal setting for a glamorous party, to get some exercise in a wonderful setting or just to show off to guests. If you ever get the chance to buy a home with a swimming pool on the roof then it might not seem like a practical choice but it could give you endless hours of pleasure up there. Of course, if you want to add one to your current home you’ll need a flat roofing contractor in Birmingham to get the roof in tip top condition before getting the pool built. Once that is done, you are ready to slip into the water and enjoy an incredible experience you will want to share with your friends as well.


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