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Self-storage-Tips for packing your goods safely

Most of us make use of self-storage units to store things that we do not use, but do not want to part with. But very few of us know how to pack things properly. Others just put them in boxes, label them, and put them in the self-storage units and feel discouraged when they go back later and find most of their things broken and damaged.

  • If you want your precious piano or antique furniture or that special quilt that your mother gave us on your wedding, or any other precious item to be safe and secure, keep the following packing tips in mind.

  • Clean and dry each and every item before packing. If any

  • item is left moist, or wet, mould and mildew can grow and can damage your items.

  • Make use of bubble wrap to pack fragile items. Avoid using newspaper for packing glass and porcelain as the ink from the newspaper can transfer on the items and can leave permanent stains on them.

  • There are climate controlled storage facilities in Singapore. In order to decide whether you need climate controlled storage unit or not you must keep in mind the nature of goods that you want to store, the weather in your region, and the duration of storage.

  • It is not considered legal to store combustible items like gasoline, paint, and cleaning fluids. You must drain gasoline from boats or lawnmowers before putting them inside the self-storage unit.

  • Refrigerator and freezer doors should be kept slightly open. They should be thoroughly clean and dry when storing them in self-storage unit.

  • Store frequently used items at the front of the self-storage unit so that you don’t have to search for them.

  • Leave some space between the storage unit’s walls and the stored good.

  • Do not stack heavy objects where they could collapse or shift when you need access to that particular space.

  • Use old bed sheets to cover your furniture items. This would help prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on your furniture. Never ever use sealed plastic bags as it can cause humidity and may end up damaging your expensive furniture items and other belongings.

  • Add mothballs or cedar ships in woollen clothes to prevent moth damage.

  • Use small cartons or boxes to pack books, magazines, and other small items. This would help keep your things organized and would make it easy for you to locate things when you need them later.

  • Choose the right self-storage unit size. Storage units are available in different sizes. If you are not sure which size you must choose, ask the storage space provider to assist you in choosing the right storage unit.

Keep the above packing tips in mind to keep your goods safe and secure in self-storage facility.


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