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Workplace Housekeeping: How and Why


Cleaning your house and cleaning professionally are two totally different works. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean professionally because a client pays for cleaning services. Housekeeping is very important issue when it comes to safety in the workplace. Mentality of cleaning employees such as “I didn’t do it” or “that’s not my job” results in slips, falls, and grazes. A most straight forward fashion in the workplace regarding housekeeping is that “Good housekeeping means good safety and poor housekeeping means poor safety.”

Housekeeping is not just about cleanliness, in fact, it involves removing of waste materials, keeping work areas neat and orderly and maintaining floors free of slip. Good housekeeping is one of the most important parts of fire and accident prevention.

Purpose of Workplace Housekeeping

If you are a safety conscious individual, then you need to know the following purposes of workplace housekeeping:

  • It lowers the exposures to hazardous substances.

  • It helps in better controlling tools and materials such as inventory and supplies.

  • It helps to maintain better hygienic conditions.

  • It reduces property damage.

  • It reduces ripping and slipping accidents.

Elements of good housekeeping services

Employees working in your office have high expectations, when it comes to how your office looks. After all, your office will reflect your product and services in the market.

  • Your housekeeping company should deliver quality, professionalism, and attentiveness each and every housekeeping work. For example, housekeepers in Las Vegas give obsessive attention to detail and perfection, which is why you can blindly leave your workplace to them.

  • A housekeeping company should have one-of-a-kind cleaning plan, which has been customized to your needs.

  • Housekeepers should use premium products, quality processes and advanced equipment for providing unmatched caliber of clean.

  • The grading and sorting of scrap materials contribute to good housekeeping practices.

  • Organization of stored materials whether on a temporary or permanent basis is also essential for overcoming material storage problems.

  • It is necessary to keep a track of maintenance report because it will reduce hazard and any future risk.

Maintaining high standards of housekeeping and cleanliness is a never ending job. Professional housekeepers know how to maintain a detailed schedule of the tasks that need to be done on hourly, weekly and monthly basis. It is important to maintain high standards each and every day in the workplace, so that employees remain healthy. Housekeeping should be the chore work in your workplace. Housekeeping, in fact, is so much more than just cleaning and dusting the workplace.


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