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How to Promote Recycling on a Community Level


Every year, more and more people are recycling, rather than discarding their garbage. However, that doesn’t mean there still is not work left to do. There are many places, groups of people and communities that could use a little help recycling. If your community is one such group, you can be proactive and help promote recycling on a community level.

Decide Who Your Community Is

The first step to promoting recycling is to decide who your community is. When you decide to promote recycling on a community level, you want to start small and be realistic. This helps ensure you reach everyone within that small group and ensure things are working before you extend your reach. If your bigger goal is to promote recycling to the entire school district, start by making your first goal one school. Once that school has mastered the program you are promoting, move on to another school.

Make a Plan That Will Encourage Recycling In That Community

After you have decided who exactly you are promoting recycling to, make a plan that encourages recycling within that community. For example, children at school may not know they should be recycling juice pouches. Raise awareness of this by putting up signs in the cafeteria. Or the school may not have recycling bins that are easily accessible to the children. Taking the time to buy and properly position these bins can encourage children within that school to recycle.

Approach the Leaders of That Community

Once you have a plan in place to encourage recycling within a specific community, approach the leaders of that community and find out how you can go about implementing your plan. Once again, take a look at the school example. You will want to talk to the principal and teachers to find out how you can go about buying recycling bins for the cafeteria or how you can let the children know more about recycling at their school.

Put Your Plan Into Action

The last step is to actually put your plan into action. This is usually the easiest step, because by now you have already taken the time to think your plan through and get input from leaders within the community you are promoting recycling to. However, this is also where any kinks will present themselves. So be prepared for some hiccups, but don’t let them deter you. Acting fast and being flexible will help you promote recycling in the best possible way to the community you are promoting to.

If you have identified a group that could use a little help recycling, take the time to help that group. By focusing on a community, making a plan, approaching the leaders of that community and implementing your plan, you are doing your part to help the community and the environment.

Informational Credit to Federal Metals Inc


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