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Essential Tips for Wintertime Energy Conservation

If the utility bills for heating your home are becoming outrageous, then it is time to take action by making a few changes. Just a few simple adjustments in a home can make a huge financial difference for families. The great thing about making many of these changes to your home is that there are also energy savings in hot weather during the summer while using air-conditioning.

Yearly Furnace Maintenance

Homeowners must make sure that climate control devices are maintained properly to reduce energy consumption. Change the filters in a furnace once a month to ensure heated air flows freely. Vacuuming or dusting the vents and ductwork in a home also helps to keep a home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. When heating equipment in a home is making strange sounds or odd odors, contact an expert technician for professional service.

Add Insulation to a Home

The best time to add insulation to a home is in the late spring or early autumn. First begin by inspecting the exterior of a building to find small holes and crevices near water pipes and utility lines. Place fiber insulating materials in the opening to prevent loss of climate controlled air. You can also place roll insulation tape inside a home on areas where air enters.

New Doors and Windows

An older home often has ancient single pane windows and flimsy doors that allow cold air to enter easily, leading to drafts. Manufacturers now make sturdy but attractive insulated doors and windows that help to prevent loss of climate controlled air year-round. Homeowners can now choose from an assortment of quality insulated windows and doors that are custom fitted to seal out cold or hot air.

Cover a Home’s Water Heater

It is possible to buy insulated covers for water heaters that are located in cold areas of homes. Because heaters are in unheated basements or utility rooms, the appliances must work harder to warm water and maintain its temperature. Water heater covers are inexpensive and easy to install but lead to a lifetime of energy savings.

Additional Energy Savings

There are additional ways to conserve energy in a home by adding carpeting or rugs to cold floors to prevent heat loss in the winter. Many homeowners turn down a furnace’s thermostat a few degrees in the winter while wearing additional clothing to stay warm in order to save money on heating bills.

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