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Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades that Won't Break the Bank


There are many green ideas that will improve your home. There are several ways to make your home more eco-friendly and these can be done without breaking your bank too. There are some affordable and simple project ideas that may be of interest to you. If you are just choosing to make home improvements that will help the overall environment or if you simply have a desire to cut down on fuel costs and make your home more efficient there are definitely some ways that you can upgrade your home and make it eco-friendly.

Where to Start?

You can start by determining what your home improvement budget is. Determine the amount of money that you can spend on your projects. Decide if you would like to hire a green-savvy professional or if you would like to tackle your home improvements yourself. You can then prepare your eco-friendly upgrades. Determine what areas you will improve on.

Simple Solutions

Here is a list of simple solutions that will be a beginning of your eco-friendly home upgrades. Start with the following ideas:

  • Check for drafts that may be coming around your windows and doors. You can lose approximately 20 percent of your energy because it may slip right through these drafts. You can cut your energy bill if you block off any drafts.
  • Reflective insulation can use the benefits of the sun. It is a control solar radiation. Reflective insulation may be used to keep your heat from escaping from your home. This can prevent your airflow from going astray.
  • Upgrade your windows to be better-insulated and better-sealed. An energy efficient Retro Teck Window will lower your energy costs by a large amount as well as look great.
  • A low-impact lawn can be an eco-friendly lawn. If you use native plants as ground cover this will cut costs because there will be less fuel needed for lawn mowers. A smaller amount of grass to mow may allow for the use of a manual mower.
  • Hot water heating usage. Approximately one third of your home's energy is used on a water heater. If you improve your water heater's efficiency this will offer your home an effective investment for your upgrade to an eco-friendly home.

Every homeowner has many options that can be inexpensive. In the long run any upgrades will be cost effective and eco-friendly and will save money on energy costs. Getting your energy consumption under control can not only save you money but it can seriously help the environment. Consider these suggestions if going green is the route that you would like to take.

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