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Car Parking Guide - How to park your car correctly?

Parking has always the nemesis for many drivers, even the seasoned ones, be it parallel or perpendicular parking. With very few parking slots available now-a-days one doesn’t even have an option to park a few blocks away to avoid parking between two cars. Below are the correct ways to park without sweating it out. Just remember to check your mirrors for oncoming traffic, always know your surrounding before manoeuvring the car into the parking slot.

Parallel Parking

Pull over slightly ahead of the parked car so that you can view the vacant slot clearly. This will give you a decent idea whether or not the car will fit into the gap. Keep roughly 1.5 metres away from the parked car. Take your time and reverse slowly and steadily with full control. While you steer the car to the side at a 45 degree angle, check the outside rear-view mirrors and through the rear window to ensure it is safe. At all times be in a position to stop the car if you need to. As the nose of your car lines up next to the tail of the parked car, straighten the car’s wheel and align it parallel to the kerb. Mission parallel parking has been accomplished. The vast majority of accidents involving parking a car is a result of lack of attention of the driver.


Perpendicular Parking

This simply means parking at a right angle. Make it a point to reverse the vehicle into the space so that you can exit comfortably. First approach the car beside the space. Once the edge of your car passes the corner of the parked car, turn left and move ahead. Stop and shift to reverse. Now turn the steering right and reverse into the slot.

More Info - http://autoportal.com/articles/car-parking-guide-how-to-park-your-car-correctly.html


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