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What Are You Doing To Stop Pollution?

We are living in an age where cars are every where belching out their toxic fumes into the atmosphere. There seems to be no end in sight with more vechicles being built every day.

There is an estimated 254.4 million registered vechicles in the US alone and how about the ones that are not registered are you beginning to get the picture.

We are slowly killing ourselves and our planet. A 2013 study by MIT pointed out that 53,000 die every year in the US alone due to vechicle emissions. That is just the Us what about in other parts of the world were reduction of exhaust emissions are not even taken.

Going green is not an option the whole world must get there if we are to survive. There has to be stricter laws and fines levied against those people and companies who have no regard for the safety of this planet If we continue to pollute and destroy two of our most important resorcues air and water we all die!

We must demand that a mandate from the government be put in place for manufactures to create more green products. Though green awareness is coming into view it is not coming fast enough. How long do we have going at this rate? We can’t continue to dump chlorine and bromine into the atmosphere.

The clock is ticking and the race is on to come up with ways to save our planet. Or the si-fi scene where you see people boarding spacecrafts heading out into space to find another planet because Earth is nolonger inhabitable could become a reality. Get into the fight to save your planet.

What you are about to see will shock you!

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