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Green up Your Home: The Right Way to Do It


The trend of owning Green homes is nothing new, but there is this general misconception on how to achieve this. While it is true that most approach it as a decorative technique, it is also true that, when something is marked by the word Green, we are referring to its environmental friendliness. People have tendency of forgetting this, and it is a big decorative and environmental transgression to arrange your home with environmental issues in mind but then fail to recycle. If you truly want to go Green then you have to go for the whole package.

Still, there are plenty of things you can do to make your home more environmentally friendly thus making it a safer living environment. This can be a process and you need to be aware of this. You can’t expect to resolve every issue quickly, but in time, everything can be achieved.

Energy Efficiency:

  • The Lights

Ok, let’s start small. How many lights in your home are incandescent lights? If the number is anything more than zero then that’s too many. A single CFL light bulb prevents the emission of 400 pounds of greenhouse gases. How many lights do you have in your home? Also, CFL spend less electricity, which makes your bill a lot easier to handle.

  • Insulation

When it comes to keeping the temperature in our home pleasant, some of us overdo it. Even if you are trying to keep your heating and cooling bills to a minimum, you still might be losing energy efficiency on account of poor insulation. For these situations, it might be smart to ask for professional advice on how to remain energy efficient while keeping your home at a desired temperature. No, keeping your AC on all day is not an option!


  • The Yard

I’m always stumped for words when people decide to go for a lawn only yard. While this is nice, it wouldn’t hurt you to plant a tree or two. There is a certain connection that develops between a family and the tree they planted and watched it grow from a gentle sprout to a big strong tree. You can also grow your own vegetables and fruit in your yard.

  • The House

A home looks empty and stale without any plants in it. They have a tendency to liven up the place and make it seem like it is a part of the outdoors instead of being a confined space. They are great decorative elements as well, and you can have a lot of fun arranging them.

Chemicals and Household products:

The majority of cleaning products that we buy from the shelves of local stores contain dangerous chemicals that can harm our health. The harmful effects of these chemical doesn’t just reflect on our homes but also on the soil, the water and so on. There are tons of homemade solutions that can be used for cleaning, which cost less to make and are far healthier. You can find instructions on how to make cleaning solutions all over the Web.

The Materials:

When doing construction, it may be hard to keep everything environmentally friendly. You can go for reused construction materials and make sure that you make as few environmental messes as possible during construction. Also, take care of the debris after the construction has been finished so as to avoid further pollution.

As far as indoors go, don’t go for furniture, floors and decorations that were made with no regards to environmental factors. If you are going to go for rugs, you should probably go for wool rugs since wool is a sustainable fibre, which is just one of the benefits wool rugs have. Just be careful when ordering them online.

While keeping our planet safe is a very important thing, a lot of people don’t see it as an immediate threat. They feel a bit displaced from the vows of nature and they do not stress the importance of having a green home. If you feel like this, then consider this, Green living has a very positive impact on your and your family’s health. This should be enough motivation to get you going. The more you learn the more you will realize the importance of it, and in the long run, your conscience will be clear.

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