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Know How Environmental Assessment Benefits both Developer and Local Community

For most of the developers, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and preparation of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is just one more document, which helps them to acquire permission from the Planning Authority. Well, that is not the case, if you look at the brighter side.

How important is Environmental Assessment (EA)?

Well, EA can really prove to be a very important and worthy document for the proposed project. In fact, keskkonnamõjude hindamine is one of the important parts of the planning process of any proposed project. Project Managers can use EA to accomplish different objectives.

EA includes all the shortcomings of the projects and thus it gives an opportunity to the project manager to overcome those weaknesses. Obviously, EA alone cannot help you correct all the weaknesses of the project, but if designed and executed properly, it can prove to be a valuable tool for future modifications and implementations concerning the project.


If the preparation of EA is more complex, other planning activities can help the preparation of EA and as a result all the planning activities will be given due importance.

Benefits of Environmental Assessment:

Most government and supportive agencies consider EA as a major tool that helps in improving the proposed project for future. It gives the project manager the time to explore new possibilities and alternatives to shape the project even better. The major benefits discovered of the EA process related to the project sponsors are:

  • Cost and time invested in project implementation is reduced
  • Better modifications and cost saving options for the project are explored
  • Overall acceptance of the proposed project is increased.
  • Overall performance of the proposed project is improved.
  • Proposed project ensures following of laws and regulations.
  • Since all the aspects are studied meticulously, any future expenses concerning modifying the project are lessened.

The major benefits discovered of the EA process related to the local communities are:

  • Local environment stays healthy.
  • Human health in maintained and improved
  • Resources are used optimally.
  • Minimum conflicts over the issue of use of natural resources
  • Increases the community knowledge concerning the project

The right time to initiate Environmental Assessment:

Well, start now. There is a golden rule when we talk about EA and it is start at the earliest possible stage to get the most out of it. As discussed earlier, EA is a part of your planning process, but to mention more precisely, it can be the first step of your planning process. The goal of EA is to understand the physical, environmental and economical effects of the projects on environment and hence it will benefit the project if started as early as possible.


Think it like this, isn’t it good to know at the earliest, all the factors that will adversely affect the objectives and progress of the proposed project. Also, if the EA is undertaken at the later stages, the amendments suggested by the Planning Authority will turn out expensive to implement.

An early and precisely carried out EA will help you get rid of all the factors that will hinder the progress and growth of your project. Additionally, it will help you maintain a good community record, the information shared between the project manager, EA team, and local community will help you open the new horizons of development.

Author's Bio:

Stephen Heyer is an expert on technologies related to environment energy conservation. They also provide environmental impact assessment or keskkonnamõjude hindamine services to their clients. Please visit their website for more info.


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