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Think Green And Pick Eco Friendly Furniture

During the recent years, eco friendly lifestyle becomes more and more popular. In terms of cleaning, for instance, people find a lot of different alternatives to the common cleaning detergents. Recycling, reducing the use of plastic bags and the waste of water and electricity in your home. Today there are many ways to show your concern about nature and the resources of our planet. Recently, eco style gets into the home decorating and interior. Natural materials, harmless paints, hand made decorations and natural colors. All these are a great solution if you want to refresh your old apartment. The toxic ingredients in the other materials can be quite dangerous, especially if you have a child. The same is the situation with the traditional paints and varnishes, which can be a very serious problem, since most of them are commonly associated with chronic lung diseases and disorders of the immune system. So let nature get into your home!

Massive furniture


Such furniture fill your home with a warm and romantic atmosphere. The most common materials are oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry or other deciduous tree species. Exquisitely crafted, this furniture can turn your home into one of these luxurious, retro style houses that you see on the front pages of the home interior magazines. In this case, however, you will need to match the rest of your furniture with their classic line.

Another popular trend is to keep the raw nature of the tree. Rough handling and simple forms – this is the real charm of rural life and the manual production. Such furniture can be taken directly from the forest and if you are more creative, it can be a really affordable solution.

Exotic Materials


This definition includes rattan, bamboo, coconut wood, leaves of banana palms. This type of furniture brings the spirit of distant lands and is significantly less expensive than the massive one. Unlike the other materials, these ones tend to resume very quickly. As for the polishing and treatment - it is simple and does not require the use of any expensive, harmful to the environment technologies. Exotic materials are suitable for all kinds of furniture and add special lightness to the overall interior of your home. Also, accessories from coconut wood and palm leaves will be a great addition to the unique atmosphere of your eco home.



Natural fibers dominate in the eco friendly interior. The rugs are made of handspun wool and the curtains and the damasks are made of cotton and linen. Natural colors are, of course, a binding rule. They refer to the severity of the natural materials and also require minimal processing. Green hues are among the most popular ones, since they are an obvious reference to a close connection with nature.

Wrought Iron


Although this type of decoration sharply contrasts with the warmth of wood, iron is another very common trend in the eco friendly interior design. This material has proven itself as a very resistant and stylish. It has been used for centuries and its beautiful forms bring the romantic atmosphere of pastoral life into your home.

Today the world's market offers us a great variety of solutions for our home. Most of us have got used to buying expensive furniture, which in most cases turns out to be quite unnecessary and even nonfunctional. But if you choose to turn your house into a romantic, eco friendly home, you can be sure of the high quality of your furniture. It is perhaps the most stylish decision for the modern household.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is passionate freelancer blogger. She always tries to help the earth and to be eco friendly. Her current work at SW London Cleaners makes her really happy because she helps the nature and the people.


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