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Recycled Timber Floorboards- 4 Incredible Benefits To Use Them For Your Next Reno


Discover how you can reduce your carbon footprint when doing your next renovation. Everyone likes to have wooden floors in their homes but due to its large effects on our environment and our forests it makes it hard to rationalize the purchase. But what if there was a way to get the same beautiful timber look without damaging the environment? By choosing recycled timber over new timber, you’ll able to have the same feel as fresh new wood while conserving the environment. Just like new timber, recycled timber retains the heat, which means you’ll be warm and cosy in winter, cool and refreshed in summer. And the best part is you’ll be paying a fraction of the cost for it while reducing your carbon footprint. And a quick treatment with a floor sander and quality floor polish will bring back the natural beauty of the timber.

Below are the top 4 reasons why you should consider recycled timber for your next project.

1. Eco-friendly

Did you know that by purchasing recycled timber floorboards you are helping stop truckloads of timber going into landfill and decomposing to emit harmful methane gas into our environment? You will also be reducing your carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of timber needed to harvest for new timber floorboards. That means manufacturers can use recycled wood, which has previously been discarded rather than harvesting new lumber from the forest. And the more people that choose recycled timber, the better chance our forests have of recovering. It helps raise industry and consumer awareness towards deforestation as well as encouraging timber mills to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

2. Very Affordable

Purchasing recycled timber floorboards saves you money. Did you know that new timber is 4 times the cost of recycled timber? So recycled timber could be the very reason you can afford your next renovation.

3. Unique Beauty

Recycled timber has a unique beauty, which can’t be found in new timber. This is also a reason for its growing demand. If the timber was erected before the controlled logging came into place, then there’s a chance you’ll have wood that came from an ancient forest, therefore making it unique and superior. Your recycled timber will also have a finer grain pattern when compared to new timber that has especially been grown for lumber. Not to mention recycled timber is rich in character with its myriad colours and features, making it a reason to choose over new timber.

4. Stronger

Most people aren’t aware but recycled timber is far studier than new timber. This is because new timber still has a lot of moisture, even after it’s placed in a drying kiln to remove its moisture, there is still some left remaining. However with recycled timber, they are exceedingly dry and contain best part of zero moisture because they have been able to dry naturally for years. That means recycled timber floorboards will be longer lasting and harder wearing, and less prone to rotting. This is why it’s a great choice for your next renovation.

Bottom line: Recycled timber is becoming growingly popular over new timber because of its positive impact on our environment. Not just this, but it’s saving you money and saving our forests. So if you want to reduce your carbon footprint choose recycled timber. It’s preserving our forest and protecting our environment.


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