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The Four-Minute Guide to Choosing your Conference Room Table

Whether you are upgrading your existing conference table or buying a completely new one, it is mandatory that you are aware of the aspects you need to keep in mind while choosing such tables. The size, shape and the overall appearance of the table plays an important role in determining the aesthetic of the conference room.

A conference room is an important part of office where people meet, collaborate and take important decisions that have a bearing on the future of the organization. Stakeholders gather around the conference room table to share ideas, provide solutions and draw out plans that trigger strategic growth.

With so much business critical action taking place around the conference room table, it is really very important that you pick the right table for your needs. This ensures you are able to create a friendly, open atmosphere that encourages great discussions.

When deciding to pick a table, make sure you consider the four important factors given in this article as each of them will help you pick the right product:

Size of the Conference Room

Start by measuring the size of the conference room before you place an order for the table. Such decisions should never be based on assumptions; you don’t want to be stuck with a table that is either too big or too small for the conference room.

Use a measuring tape and know the size of the room and give special attention to any curvature or unusual design. Note down these measurements and convey them to the furniture supplier before placing an order.

In case you are going for a custom table, it’s much easier to get a table as per the size of the room. However, there are commonly available models that have been designed in a way such that they will fit into most conference rooms. So, don’t worry. You will definitely get a table that fits the size of your room.

The general rule is there should be at least 42 inches of gap between the edges of the table and the wall of the conference room. This rule is followed in most offices because it is the ideal distance that allows employees to move the chair back, without bumping into walls. The distance also lets people walk around the room even when everyone is seated. Something else you need to remember is keeping space for a podium and serving station.

Number of People it has to Accommodate

While choosing a conference table, also keep in mind the number of people who will use the conference room at a given point of time. Keep the maximum figure in mind rather than the minimum. This will also give you an idea of the number of chairs you will need to fit around the table and whether you must choose smaller chairs or bigger chairs. The table you choose must make for comfortable seating around it.

Type of Collaboration

When will you need to use the table the most? What is the most common type of collaboration that will take place in the conference room? The answer to this question will also have a bearing on the table design. For e.g., if it only needs to be used for giving instructions to the team, you might need a table that promotes a hierarchal structure. On the other hand, if you will typically need the table for team building and ideas sharing, you will need a model that promotes these activities; in this case the table must facilitate easy interaction and where team member can talk to one another easily.

Make It Accessible

Connectivity matters a lot because your employees should be able to bring in their laptops, tablets and workstations to the conference room. You will find the right type of conference table at Emanate Design where a large collection of office furniture is available for sale. Choosing the one that best suits your requirements is easy. Your conference table should be able to accommodate all these gadgets as well as projectors; this means it should be able to accommodate enough power outlets.

Purchasing the right furniture for your conference room is much easier than you think if you keep these four factors in mind before you make your choice.


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