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Top tips to save money and keep your garden green

Money doesn’t grow on trees

With the awareness of the need to recycle and house prices now at an all-time high, it feels very apt that I share some interesting tips on how to save money whilst improving your garden. Now everyone knows that money doesn't grow on trees, but follow these simple tips to add an air of individualism to your home, save money and help the environment.

Build a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

For you serious recyclers out there, a fun project that you could tackle is to build your own greenhouse using only recycled materials. You can do this quite easily by attaching used plastic bottles together through large garden canes and securing them to a wooden frame.

There are several benefits of creating your own plastic bottle greenhouse including:

● Rainwater is always better for your plants than tap water and due to the gaps within the plastic bottle walls; rain water can penetrate and water your plants for you (Huge time saver for greenhouse gardeners).

● It works exactly the same as a glass greenhouse and can increase interior temperatures by around 10 degrees centigrade, amounting to lengthier growing seasons for many plants.

● When a tonne of plastic bottles are recycled, nearly four barrels of petroleum is saved

You will need just under 1500 empty bottles to build a sufficient sized greenhouse. I realize that this can be an arduous task to undertake, but plastic bottles can be found almost anywhere and attests to their usefulness and broad availability.

Recycled Containers

Now as long as the container can support soil and allow for drainage, plants will grow in almost anything. From old worn down boots to kitchenware, anything can be used to add an air of eccentricity to your garden and recycle unwanted items.

To create your own recycled containers you will need a drill, some small rocks, potting soil, a recycled item and plants of your choosing.

How to make your own recycled container:

● Choose your recycled item.

● One of the most essential things to do with any plant container is to make sure there are holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

● Carefully drill these holes a few inches away from each other on the underside of the recycled item.

● Place the rocks along the bottom to help the water drain and keep the holes from clogging.

● Fill the container with the potting soil

● Start planting!


Installing a water butt is an excellent way of recycling water off your property roof to be used as water for your garden. These can be set up to collect water from downspouts of your property and off roofs of garden buildings you have.

Now, I know water butts can be quite an eyesore and might not be in keeping with your garden theme. If so, an easy solution is to build some wooden casing around it and paint it to match your garden. Alternatively, you can buy Another useful tip is to use your watering can instead of your hose to target those areas that need watering most. A hose can use as much as 18 litres of water a minute!

Set up a Compost Bin

Acting as a natural alternative to fertilizers, composting is a cheap and extremely effective method of providing rich nutrients for your lawn, garden and plants. It helps to aerate soil by breaking down organic material for plant use and ward off plant disease. Composting can also divert as much as 30% of household waste away from your rubbish bin. Constructing a composter is simple: see www.gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk for ideas or purchasing opportunities.

Get the Kids Involved!

Lastly, gardening is great for children and a fantastic way of educating them about recycling and the environment from an early age. Generally neglected by parents, it is an imaginative way of getting your child outside, away from the television screen and into the fresh air. Using recycled household items as fun garden features can be an enjoyable way of incorporating your child’s interests into your garden furniture. Each child is unique and have their own different opinions, be creative with unwanted items found in your home to make features tailored to their likes.


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