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Tips On How to Green Your Business Ethic


Many people are becoming aware of the fact that they have to protect planet Earth in any way possible. Human beings are the only ones who can be able to think and who can do something for preserving this natural habitat. Living green is not something to apply only at home. People can make their workplace a green environment as well. If you don't know how to green business activities and ethics and to obtain an ecological environment at work, the following tips can prove to be useful:

Consume Less Energy

While working, make sure you consume only the energy that you really need. One of the first steps for doing this can be to use computers on their energy saving mode. If you are leaving the work place for a while, or if you go home, always unplug all your devices, including scanners and printers. Turn off the lights too. While you work, use only the lights that you really require for performing your daily tasks.

Consume Less Paper

Modern businesses have the advantage of digitized paperwork. Make use of this benefit by keeping as much paperwork as you can in a digital format, in order to save paper. The paper you use for the printers should be recycled paper with less chlorine bleaching. Print each paper that you can on both sides for minimizing paper consumption. Use printers and copiers that allow this procedure. If your business can be able to reuse boxes and shredded paper for packing, it is even better.

Commute Healthy and Ecologically

For going to work and back, the best thing you could do is using a bike or walking on foot. Driving a car or using other vehicles for transport is not a green way to commute. Only in the United States, about twenty-three gallons of gas a year is used for vehicles. Almost four billion hours are spent in traffic by American people every year. The alternative for drivers can be the use of electric cars, but these vehicles still consume energy. Riding a bike or walking are two wonderful ways of maintaining your body healthy and they constitute a green way of commuting.

Use a Natural Working Environment

A green working space can be obtained in many ways. You can start by changing your regular industrial furniture with ecological furniture that is made from recycled materials. Then, you can change your lighting from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. Even better could be using modern LED desk lamps, as they consume way less energy than any other lighting solution. The quality of the air in your work space is also important. It can be obtained if you use furniture and carpets with low VOC paints and if you have good ventilation. You could also add plants for making your work place look and feel more natural.

Change the Way You Eat at Work

It would be better to eat at home when you can and to avoid eating at your work place. If this is not possible, you should at least pack your food in reusable containers. In this way, you will eat healthier and you will recycle as well. Ordering food is definitely not a green way of eating, but you can place large orders for more individuals. You will be able to have less waste in this way.

As you see, making your business environment greener is not such a big deal. It only requires some changes that are important for your health and for contributing to saving the planet. If you apply them, you can have peace of mind that your business will be green from now on.


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