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4 Creative Ways Companies Are Recycling Various Materials

Recycling is becoming an increasingly big part of business. The obvious advantages are the environmental good coming from the practice and how companies can reuse materials. However, it also makes good business sense to try recycling whenever you can. Many people like to patronize establishments that they know are going for sound recycling methods. Here are a few of the more creative ways certain industries are trying to up their recycling game.


If your business ships any sorts of goods and packages, you will need a lot of postage each day. It is difficult to change the fundamentals of how postage works, but it isn't quite as hard to make a switch to kinds that you can reuse or recycle. You can find environmentally friendly envelopes and other items that you can reuse later. Being able to repurpose these items for another time cuts down on your overhead costs and moves you toward a more sustainable business model. In addition, keeping any mailing lists current will help you avoid sending out wasteful materials that won't reach current customers.


Many businesses have to use plastic in some form. Depending on the industry in which you work, these materials might be a central part of your sales. Instead of throwing old things out when you make changes or improvements to your business model, you can donate them for use in other forms. Companies like bionicyarn.com even make this a central part of their mission. They'll take recycled plastics and transform them into other materials that can be just as durable and useful as the original components.


It doesn't matter what kind of business you run or what you are selling when it comes to furniture. You and your employees need places to sit, gather, take breaks, and do your work efficiently. Many pounds of office furniture can wind up in landfills each month. You can help solve this issue. The various plastics and pieces of wood that comprise a lot of office furniture can be recycled into new components with relative ease. Many necessary changes to your business can result in old furniture moving out, but try to put those parts where they can do more good for professionals just like you.


Technology changes all the time, and you have to keep up with the upgrades. If you need to get rid of things like old computers, there are a few ways you can go about it. Checking to see if the manufacturer has some kind of recycling program of their own should be your first step. Local supply stores might help you recycle what the industry calls e-waste. In addition, you might have some machines that still work well and could serve as donations.

Your company might have specific industry guidelines it needs to meet for sustainability. It isn't always simple to reach these goals, but a little creative thinking could help you meet and even surpass these benchmarks before you know it. It is also worth it to consider how you can move away from products you need to recycle at all. If you work in an office environment, you might be throwing out a lot of empty pens. Consider switching to reusable versions to improve sustainability.

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