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How to Avoid Distractions During Business Hours


I know. It really sucks to be distracted, especially if you are at work.

Whenever work comes, your greatest foe would probably be the daily distractions that ruin your work mood. Be it the sound of cars, your kids running around the house, or an annoying friend calling you for gossip, everyone has his or her own share of distractions. When you have a pile of work to do at your home or office, you really need to get focused one hundred percent but there are times that no matter what you do, the small distractions suddenly pull your full attention. By the end of the day, you find out too late that you have accomplished only a little bit of your task.

I'm a writer, so getting distracted is kinda normal for me. However, getting distracted all the time like an elementary grade kid is not cool, so you may have to do something about it. There are effective ways to cut back on distractions, but this is a very broad topic, since most of us have different distractions. My distractions happen to be the soap operas that show during my working hours, so I can't exactly help it but turn the television on while I leave my pile of work undone! A friend of mine has to take care of his 10 year old kid while another buddy can't get her hands off from watching Youtube music videos during her work hours inside the office! So the first effective way of cutting back distractions would be to identify your own distractions.

So now we've talked about what your distractions are, it's time to think of ways how to avoid drastic time loss because of such distractions. A good idea is to get a planner. Most mobile phones and smartphones have planners; my Iphone 4s has a really good planner/organizer which I always update as to what I'll be doing the next day. Make it a habit to write down what you're going to do for the next so that you won't spend time thinking the next day as to what you'll be doing. This will only invite more distractions! Trust me, I've been dealing with distractions for most of my life and it only comes when your focus level is at its lowest!

Another tip I'd like to impart would be to finish all your important tasks and work first thing in the day and then attending to your distractions afterwards. Now this is a little difficult, since it involves a lot of patience and discipline. However, you'll be more efficient in work and it'll save you a lot of time too. It also feels better to attend to your distractions, especially if you've already finished working your tasks!

Lastly, turn off all types of electronic devices that may get your attention. Cellular phones, television sets, gaming consoles, the radio, Mp3 players and all other things that may distract you should be powered down. If you are using the computer and you get yourself distracted by browsing non-work related stuff, create a work profile in your computer where browsers do not work. It may be extreme, but it's actually a good way to instill discipline and to keep your focus set.

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. An expert in business expansion loans and financial ethics, she loves to help business newbies in setting up their business and how to deal with financial crunches.


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