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4 Ways Manufacturers Can Utilize Recycled Materials for Greener Products

In today's world, most people understand that recycling is an important part of preserving resources for future generations. A key part of recycling, though, is maintaining a market for recyclable materials so that recyclers have an incentive to continue recycling. To aid in this effort, manufacturers can use various recycled materials in their processes and products to create a better world, one sale at a time.

Buy Machines Made From Recycled Metals

One unique way to approach the concept of utilizing recycled materials is to ensure that the equipment used during manufacturing is made from recycled metals. Although some raw material may be needed to help increase the strength of your machines, quality recycled metal is often similar in quality to virgin metal. The key to making this an environmentally responsible approach, though, is to only replace your machines when they have reached the end of their life.

Recycled Textiles

Textiles aren't commonly associated with recycled materials. If your company operates in the textile industry, though, there are many different types of yarn and thread that have recycled plastics at their core. One such product, from bionicyarn.com, uses recycled plastics that are collected from marine and coastal environments, allowing you to directly contribute to the clean-up of ocean ecosystems.

Recycled Cardboard

Shipping your company's products to consumers can also contribute to your overall carbon footprint. Fortunately, you can use recycled materials during the shipping process, as well. Recycled cardboard is one of the easiest materials to get ahold of and often has a lower cost than its virgin counterpart. Just be sure to use a reputable supplier that truly offers recycled cardboard instead of marketing virgin cardboard as recycled cardboard.

Excess Packaging as Filler

During fulfillment, you're bound to create some excess packaging that has no practical use. However, if you have an industrial-grade shredder on site, you can use this excess packaging as filler in boxes that you ship. This filler can serve as protective packing material so that your products aren't damaged during shipment. Thus, you can ensure that your customers receive your products in great shape and that you help cut down on waste.

A key part of utilizing recycled materials in your manufacturing processes is creativity. Sometimes, it's not immediately obvious how recycled materials can fit into your overall manufacturing strategy. If you work to think differently about how you utilize materials, though, you will likely find plenty of opportunities to incorporate recycled materials into your day-to-day operations.


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