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4 Better Ways to Handle Green Waste Than Sending It to the Dump


The world's dumps continue to fill up quickly. Although the importance of recycling has been touted for years, many people still see it as too inconvenient to actually do it. In many cases, this attitude applies even to valuable waste, such as green waste. If all that you're lacking, though, is some inspiration about what to do with your green waste, here are a few ideas to help you make the most of this valuable resource.

Compost It

One of the best things that you can do with green waste is to turn it into compost right in your own backyard. Since green waste contains nutrients that plants love, you can use the compost you create as rich fertilizer that will help all types of plants thrive. Although composting requires a small upfront investment, it more than pays for itself over time since you don't have to buy fertilizer for your plants.

Collect It

If you don't have the space to compost green waste on your property, then you can collect it to be properly recycled by someone else. You can rent a skip bin to place your green waste in, which will then be carried away so that the green waste can be properly disposed of. This makes a great option if you have a sudden surge in green waste on your property, such as when a tree falls and needs to be cleaned up.

Leave It in Place

Depending on the type of green waste you're dealing with, you may be able to simply leave it in place to allow it to rot on its own. Essentially, this is composting without the need for special equipment. Grass clippings and leaves, for example, can easily be left on the ground and allowed to decompose to release their nutrients back into the soil. If you have a wooded property, larger waste materials, such as fallen trees, can also be left in place.

Offer It to Others

Green waste, at least in the form of trees, can provide many attractive options for disposal. If you chop-up a tree into a usable size, for example, you can use it yourself or offer it to others as firewood. If you have a chipper or shredder, you can turn the tree into mulch that you and others can use in gardens. By spreading around your green waste, you will reduce the likelihood that it will end up in a dump.

When you plant any type of grass, shrub, or tree, it's important to consider its complete lifecycle. If you don't have a plan to properly dispose of these items when they're no longer viable, it's probably best not to plant them in the first place. This will reduce the waste that will occur at the end of their lifecycle and save you the time and effort of looking after them.


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