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4 Things You Can Do With an Old Door

Everyone likes to see custom-made wood furniture. You may not realize that an aged door can be removed, taken apart and rebuilt into a brand-new piece of woodwork. You can decorate your entire home with customized pieces. The following are four popular ideas to consider for this craft.

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Coffee Table

Turn your old door into a wooden coffee table. Replace an old coffee table or put it in a room that has no table at all. An old, unattractive door can look like an elegant, polished table if it’s made correctly. And for many people, building a table by hand is more fulfilling than hiring a professional to do all of the work.

There are many different types of materials that can be incorporated with wood, such as metal, glass or porcelain. Some tables are made with wooden frames and legs and an elaborate glass centerpiece. In the end, a badly scratched door can be built into a luxurious, polished table.


In some rooms, there can never be enough shelves. Your garage or attic could use more shelves if it’s overflowing with old books, appliances, storage bins, etc. Compared to coffee tables, shelves are easier to create and install.

Restored Doors

Old doors can be made into brand-new ones with different designs. Install replacement doors that have been freshly sandblasted to remove the scratches and cracks. Have the door polished to prevent new damage and painted a different color. This door will look brand new, even if it’s been used for decades.

Bench or Chair

People can learn to make furniture by hand using old doors. A bench or chair is not too difficult to make with a few power tools. It’s also interesting to see how one useful creation can transform into another.

Build a simple wooden bench for your backyard or a loveseat swing for your front yard. Use the old wood to build a tree house for children. Another option is to build a rocking chair for the living room or bedroom.

There are a million items that you can make out of an old door. Start by building items that you use on a regular basis, such as tables and shelves. Then, consider using old doors to craft other items like bedposts, bar tables or picture frames. Know that a door of any age and condition still has value and can be used for good.


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