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Enjoy Nature Today and Save the Future - Just Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


These days, wastage of different resources is the most killing issue of our planet. Its impacts are quite terrible. However, if we want to protect our environment sincerely, then there are easy steps to consider.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling are the three very important R’s that needs to be followed to sustain our earth for our children and grand children and create a healthy environment for each one of us.

Wonderful ways to Reduce waste

You may think checking the production of waste itself is the solution for the problem. Being humans, we cannot think of this kind of ideal situation where no waste is produced by us. We can only find and implement effective ways to reduce it. Here are some of them.

While you are on shopping, choose paper bags and containers made with reusable materials. Buy products in bulk. It must be remembered that eco-friendly purchasing methods will lead all of us towards less wastage and toxicity.

Companies can contribute greatly to the reduction in wastage by choosing appropriate packing methods that uses recycled elements. This will increase their profit along with maintaining environment because in most cases, the environment -friendly materials are very economical.

Another efficient method is waste sorting. Divide waste based on dry and wet materials involved in it. Since this method separates biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage, the natural wastes can be used again. This will create less trash in landfills.

Think on the techniques to reuse items

Here are some tips for reusing bits and pieces of items that you are thinking to throw away.

Bags made of paper can be used as wrapping material. Also, twist ties may help you to secure loose things together such as wires.

Used envelops can be used as scrap papers for making notes.

Old clothes can be converted into attractive cushion covers.

Donate your computer - Yeah, that’s really a rewarding thing. Many organizations exist, which runs computer donation programs efficiently. They may also give you a real reward for it.

contribute towards social welfare along with valuable maintenance of the environment. The money earned out of the purchases made at this centres are given to the needy people or donated to educational institutions.

Get to know the benefits of Recycling

Recycling is an amazing method of turning waste products into new ones. It helps to make maximum use of resources.

It helps in protection of the environment in the most poised manner along with reducing the impact of global warming.

Collection of items like batteries, different types of oil, plastic, glass paper, cell phones, etc is included in recycling programs. It benefits people in many ways.

No person would like to live next door to a landfill. So, one of the important benefits of recycling materials is that it reduces landfill space.

To conclude, each one of us can contribute a little towards protecting our surroundings by taking some basic steps. It is our moral responsibility. We just need to change few of our habits to produce less garbage at first place.

Author's Bio:

David Fontaine works with one of the reputed reuse centers or taaskasutuskeskus in Tallinn. They redesign the old items and give them new purpose and value. For more info, please visit their website today.


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