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E-waste: How eCommsell is tackling the next threat to the environment

The evolution of technology as we know it, has always been associated with excitement, social standing, and the ideology of lucrative business. However, as a society, have we truly taken responsibility for the rising demand in technological advancement? We often focus on the wrong questions, which usually focuses on advancing technology rather than sustaining it. For example, why have we not paid attention to the decline of the landline phone? According to Felix Richter, a Statista publisher, in 2004 almost 94.1% of American households included a landline phone. By 2018 that number had decreased by an astonishing 51%. In comparison however, cell phones saw almost a 50% increase. What’s even more mind blowing is the fact that in 2018 alone, the average American household owned approximately 24 electronic products per household. These same households, of four, are typically responsible for 176lbs of electronic waste in a single year, while leading the world in 2019 with a predicted $55B annual accumulation of e-waste.


Creating change in an industry as lucrative as electronics, isn’t easy, as it requires a team of diverse and invested individuals. Most e-retailers are located in cities known for their flourishing markets and potential to expand. In comparison, eCommsell has used a different approach, establishing itself as the Gateway to the Midwest since 2009 when it comes to E-tech retailing. Located in the Heartland of America, eCommsell’s strategic location has resulted in the company's ability to rescue over 1.1M technological devices from its neighboring Westlake Landfill. The company's ability to preserve over 1.1M in technology from entering WestLake Landfill, is the equivalent of powering over 24,000 homes in the Greater St.Louis area since 2009.To put things into perspective, these 24,000 homes house 96,000 residents meaning the company has saved enough technology to supply power to over 30% of St. Louis’s 318,069 residents! eCommsell’s message is clear, “Saving the Planet & Serving the Consumer”, as the company’s main focus has been to raise the awareness of E-waste pollution, while supplying consumers with cheaper everyday electronic devices. Unlike its competitors, eCommsell doesn't see a difference between customer service and community service. The customer is a part of their community which includes eCommsell, their customer, and the world they all share together.


With Asia recently refusing to accept Americans e-waste, eCommsell wants to raise public awareness of America's inability to control its own pollution. eCommsell has not stopped there when it comes to implementing positive change to the global footprint electronics have on the Earth. As a company, their goal is to save over half of a million new devices within the next alone! Along with demanding more from themselves, they have also challenged others to do the same as seen through their relationship with UPS. The company makes sure to raise e-waste pollution awareness via daily interactions with customers and other industries through promoting its brand and its cause through its website and cost-efficient refurbished devices.

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