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The ten largest energy companies in the world


Renewable energy companies are just at the beginning but when the shift to renewables will take place would oil giants just go away? In this ranking there are just oil producers or traders. The first renewable company is 31st and is Iberdrola.

1. Exxon Mobil Corporation

It's American multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas. A direct and the richest descendant of the famous Stantard Oil company. In 1999 Exxon merged with Mobil forming the biggest energy company in the world. It's the biggest company in the world and guilty of one of the worst oil spills in history: Exxon Valdez. It's one of the six Supermajors with Shell, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Total. Revenue: $ 422.33 billion (it could buy Chile and Vietnam and still have money to buy an army, a large one).

2. Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company)

It's a Saudi Arabian company, operating in the sector of petroleum and natural gas. It's based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It has the largest oil reserves in the world. It produces 3.479 billion barrels (553,100,000 m^3) every year. Revenue: $313.34 billion.

3. Vitol Group

It's a Dutch company and somehow the “white sheep” in this ranking since it doesn't produce oil, it just trades it. In fact, it's the largest energy trader in the world. In 1995 Vitol supplied Milošević's government with oil (still a client) and paid a Serbian criminal war to deal with Milošević. The company trades also natural gas, LGP, coal, power (1.5% of global electricity) (1.5% of global electricity) , methanol and sugar. Revenue: $309.43 billion.

4. Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Who doesn't know Shell? It's a Dutch oil and gas company. It's around since 1907 and it's quoted on the London Stock Exchange and on Euronext Amsterdam and the NYSE. Shell revenue is equal to 85% of the Netherlands GDP. Apparently it also has owners: Capital Group (which administrates $1 trillion) and Blackrock. Shell is specialized in oil and has minor renewable power plants. It's one of the Supermajors. Revenue: $257.77 billion.

5. Chevron Corporation

Here's another descendant of Rockfeller's Standard Oil, Chevron is specialized in oil and natural gas although is opening its eyes to renewables investing $2 billion in this sector. Standard Oil California became ChevronTexaco and then Chevron. It's one of the Supermajors. Revenue: $239.45 billion.

6. Petrochina Company Limited

It's a Chinese oil and gas company, traded in Hong Kong, Shangai and New York. It's part of the state-owned China National a Petroleum Corporation. It's the biggest oil producer in China. Since CNPC was too big it was decided to inject some of the assets and liabilities to Petrochina which was founded in 1999. Revenue: $238.41 billion.

7. Total SA

A French company, specialized in oil and natural gas, based in the La Défense district, West Paris, in a skyscraper called Tour Total higher 190 m. The company is one of the six Supermajors and with Shell the main producer of oil in Europe. It owns 60% of SunPower since 2011. Revenue: $150 billion.

8. BP Plc

British Petroleum, the masters of oil spills, no one can win against them. They're guilty of the destruction of Mexican Gulf. In 2010 an explosion of one of their oil platform spilled 4.9 million barrels in the sea causing great damages to the environment and the death of 11 people. It's a British (easy to guess) oil and gas company. It's one of the Supermajors and is in the blacklist of all the seagulls in the world. Revenue: $144.47 billion.

9. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

Also called Sinopec Limited is a Chinese oil and gas company based in Beijing. It's listed in Hong Kong, New York and Shangai. In 2010 an explosion in one of their factories killed 12 people and in 2013 another explosion of a pipeline killed 35 people. Revenue: $103.36 billion.

10. Statoil ASA

A Norwegian oil and gas company headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. The government is the largest shareholder in Statoil with 67% of the shares. The company is specialized also in biofuels and hydroelectric power. It has many platforms in the Arctic Sea and it's listed on the Oslo and NY Stock Exchanges. Revenue: $89 billion (like Bill Gates).


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