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How to Prep Your Home to Be Green This Spring



As winter finally ends and spring gets under way, you're likely to take advantage of the rising temperatures to get your house back in order for another year. From cleaning the house to standard repairs, spring is always a busy time. And if you're environmentally-conscious, then you'll want to follow these tips to make your house greener than ever.

Keep Your Stuff out of Landfills

Most of us have a tendency to acquire more junk than we need. And after a winter of watching our junk collecting dust, we often use spring to get rid of what we no longer need. But be careful not to throw all of your unwanted things away. Anything that is still usable should be donated, not trashed. With what's left, you should recycle everything you can.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables in your yard is one of those fantastic activities that has benefits across the board. You will save money and help the environment, and almost certainly have fun while doing it. By producing your own vegetables, you'll save yourself trips to the grocery store. You'll reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the transportation of produce from far away, and lessen the use of the toxic chemicals abused at many larger farms.

Use Propane for Your Grill

On the first warm days of the year, many Americans feel the grill calling their names. The winter drives us indoors, denying us the juicy steaks and perfect burgers that somehow don't taste as good when not cooked on the grill. But, wherever you stand on the gas versus charcoal debate, you should make this the year you switch to propane. Recent studies have demonstrated that gas grills create far less emissions, meaning you'll be lessening your carbon footprint with every meal.

Cut Down on Your Energy Use

One of the easiest ways to help save the planet (and lower your utility bill) is by decreasing your household energy use as much as possible. There are many small steps you can take to accomplish this task. Incandescent light bulbs should be replaced by their incandescent counterparts. Windows should be replaced if they are not air-tight. That way, after your AC system installation, you can feel fine turning on the air knowing your house is sealed tight.

As winter turns into spring, be sure to follow these tips. You'll enjoy keeping your mindset as green as the newly-formed buds on the trees.


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