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How To Eliminate Mould In Your Business Premises


Mould is an unpleasant reality lurking in the corners and crevices of many domestic and business properties. For commercial premises fungi, such as Aspergillus Niger (the most-common form of mould), is not just an unsightly inconvenience; mould can be a real health and safety risk. If you are struggling to deal with damp and mildew issues in your workplace, here are five tips to eliminating mould effectively:

Keep areas well ventilated

Mould grows in warm and damp conditions where airflow is limited, so the first step in tackling mould is to ensure that the affected space is getting as much ventilation as is possible. Keep windows open during the day and make sure you install air vents and fans where appropriate - such as within kitchens and bathrooms.

Consider a de-humidifier

Where ventilation is limited, long-term prevention of mould should be addressed with the use of a de-humidifier. A dehumidifier will reduce the humidity in the air and improve air quality, great for eradicating existing musty odours too. Alongside mould, signs that you could benefit from a de-humidifier include condensation on windows and doors, damp smells and water stains.

Clean with an anti-microbial spray

When clearing visible patches of mould you will find that a strong chemical cleaner will be the fastest solution. However, use an anti-microbial cleaning spray afterwards and this will help prevent spores from settling in the future. These disinfectant products can be purchased online or from any home improvement store. For a budget choice, it is possible to produce homemade disinfectant with natural ingredients such as essential oils.

Tackle leaks promptly

If you notice a leak in your property, try not to put off repair. Leaks are a common culprit for mould build-up as moisture leaks into cavities and floor boards.

Install an anti-mould wall surface

When health and safety is a priority for your business, the best way to eliminate mould is to install an anti-mould surface that is guaranteed to protect your property from future growth of mildew and harmful fungi. There is an extensive range of hygienic cladding available for the commercial, health, retail and hospitality sectors.

Seek a professional

If left unresolved, mould can cause poor health and even severe allergic reactions. It is always advisable to seek professional assistance if you have extensive mould issues unresolvable with everyday cleaners and solutions.

The key to eliminating mould altogether is to keep your premises as cool and dry as possible, this can be extremely challenging in certain spaces where heat and moisture are commonplace - like commercial kitchens, bathrooms and gyms.

If you are not able to successfully control the humidity and temperature of a given space, the most-realistic solution is to consider a resilient wall covering that will not allow mould to form. Protective cladding or anti-mould paint is typically the most-expensive solution, but it is one that will protect your employee and customer health, encouraging maximum company profitability in the long run.


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