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Mother Earth's Cry for Help!


Cars have been around for many years, possibly even centuries. However, it has only been recently that we are starting to worry about the affects it has had on Mother Earth. We have to figure out a way to fix it so Mother Earth is a lot safer than she is. For years the human race did not have a care in the world what the pollution was doing to her. One of the biggest things we are doing is leaving a heavy carbon skid mark. Today I am going to show you that there are ways for you to reduce the carbon skid mark your car leaves. In this process, it will help Mother Earth as well. Sit back and join me in a tour while we learn how to protect Mother Earth better. Come on, come join us; It will be an exciting ride and well worth your time.

Let’s Go Green Today!

1. Go the speed limit.

Don’t be a speed racer just because you are driving a Corvette and the person next to you is driving Mustang. Both are sports cars indeed, but you do not have to go out, show off with them, and see which one is faster and better. It is not a competition. We all have to get to a destination. Leave your house early enough that it allows you to get to where you have to be on time by just driving the speed limit.

2. Drive a Hybrid

Who would have ever thought they would come up with cars that run off of electricity in our day and age? All they need to do next is make them fly around the solar system like in The Flintstones. That is probably wishful thinking to think we would have flying cars in our time, but we do have cars that run off of electricity. The Hybrid Ford Escape is one of them. Buy one and save on gas and drive it electric. That way it does not pollute the air of Mother Earth.

3. Get Your Vehicle Inspected

If you get your car inspection done every year, you should know if it is a hazard to the environment or not. If it passes inspection you know that it is as safe as it can be. If your car inspection fails, fix it the right way before you decide to drive it again. Not only is it helping you, but it is helping Mother Earth as well. Let’s just say you do not have what the world might call a car, but you have an SUV or a truck, it still does not give you an excuse not to get your vehicle inspection done. You need to get your vehicle inspection done even if your state does not require it. You can learn more in-depth details about vehicle inspections here.

4. Limit the use of Your Air Conditioner

We all love to use the air conditioner in our car in order to stay cool on those hot days. That too is hurting Mother Earth. If you would just turn off your air conditioner and roll down the windows then you would help Mother Earth breathe better. It might even keep your car in good shape longer if you do not use the air conditioner that much in your car. One thing is for sure, if you do not use the air conditioner in your car, you save on gas.

There are so many ways to help reduce or reverse the carbon skid mark of your car. You have to really be willing to do it. To stop Mother Earth’s cry for help, we all need to learn to go green. If we would all go green, we might not only be able to save Mother Earth, but we would also save our Human Race.


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