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Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Molds that Won’t Hurt the Environment

A clean home has a huge beneficial impact on the health of the people living there. That is why, it is essential to keep the house dirt free. When talking about what can make our home dirty and unsightly, there are many things we can point out.


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Have you spot a mold formation in the corner of your kitchen? Or molds started to grow in your bathroom? Instinctively, we want to get rid of the molds when we see them to keep a healthy environment inside our home. But if you are worried about using market-sold cleaners to eradicate molds, you can do simple cleaning solutions at home which are eco-friendly. Yes, we can easily find many over-the-counter cleaning products ; but, some of them contain harmful properties and might generate noxious effects to the environment. And so to avoid further damaging the planet, homemade solutions are highly advisable.

Incredible Power of Vinegar

Check your kitchen cupboard for vinegar. Obviously, you can easily locate vinegar in your kitchen considering that it is used in cooking. Vinegar will not just bring distinct taste to your food; in addition, it can remove mold build-ups as well. This handy household product is a good mold removal solution because of its acidic property.

There are two options you can do. Firstly, you can directly spray/pour the distilled white vinegar to the mold formation. Or, mix one cup of white vinegar with two cups of water. After applying the solution to the affected area, let the vinegar mixture penetrates into the mold spores by leaving it for at least 10 minutes. Scrub the area with a stiff brush. Vinegar is perfect for cleaning, disinfecting as well as bacterial-killing.

Stop Mold Turmoil with Tea Tree Oil

Never estimate tea tree oil’s capability. As we all know, it is widely used for health-related purposes. But that’s not all! Tea tree oil is also a powerful cleaner specially in getting rid of mold build-ups. Just dilute one teaspoon of the oil into one cup of water. This will create a not-so-good-to-smell cleaning solution, but has an exceptional removal power. You can either spray or pour the mixture into the mold formation before scrubbing them off. Keep in mind that the smell might linger for a day or two before it will be gone. Don’t worry, it is still environmentally safe despite the unfriendly odor.

Combine Strength of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Indeed, vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution - alone. But if the mold formation is thick and might seem hard to remove, you can mix vinegar with baking soda. These products are considered as two of the best natural cleaning items found at home. Mix equal amount of baking soda and vinegar to create a paste. Apply a layer of paste to the affected area and wait for a few minutes before you scrub them. Repeat the process if formation is difficult to get rid of.

Wash them Off with Dishwashing Liquid

For mild formation, dishwashing liquid can do the job of removing molds. Dilute a small amount of liquid soap into a warm water. Spray the solution into the area where molds grow. Soak the area for a few minutes and scrub them away. Never forget to rinse the area to remove the foam produced by the dishwashing liquid. If mold formation does not disappear using this mixture, make use of the other natural cleaning solutions.

Molds can multiply quickly. So, it is important to eliminate them. The above mentioned homemade solutions are pretty simple. And the best thing about using them is saving money and eco-friendly. There is no need to go to the store to buy cleaning products. All you need to do is find them in your home.

Love your home and the planet!

About the Author:

Ashley O’connor enjoys sharing ideas about eco-friendly home cleaning and decorating. She loves doing DIY projects at home and households stuff on her own; however, she also seeks help from professional service providers, such as Lincoln military housing mold inspector when badly needed. Follow her on Twitter at @AshleyOconnor82 or on Google+.


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