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Finding an eco-friendly moving company

Not enough people try to make their move eco-friendly. They get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of moving and seem to forget that mature nature needs us to protect her. This usually leads to mountains of plastic and cardboard and enormous amounts of fuel used in order to deal with a move that could've been much greener. Well, since you are reading this article, we can safely assume that you are not one of those people. You remembered that relocation needs to not only be efficient but that it should also be green. For that we commend you. And we would also like to help you out by giving you some tips for eco-friendly moving.

Finding an eco-friendly moving company

A big part of having eco-friendly relocation is to find an eco-friendly moving company to work with. With their help and advice, you will be able to make your relocation as green as possible and help reduce your carbon footprint. But, unfortunately, it is not easy to find a moving company that is really eco-friendly. Luckily, this is not the only way in which you can make your relocation eco-friendly. But, it is an important part, since movers can use up a lot of fuel and packing supplies if they don't care about the environment. So, let us look into what finding eco-friendly movers are all about.

If you really want to have eco-friendly relocation you need to do your research and make sure that the movers you work with are truly green.

Start online

The best place to start looking for eco-friendly movers is, surprise surprise, online. Simply go to sites like Google and type in your area and moving company. So, if for instance you live in Rhode Island and you want to hire reputable moving professionals in Rhode Island area, simply type in "Rhone Island moving company". This will give you a clear oversight of which movers are the most prominent in your area. Unfortunately, most of them will not be eco-friendly. So, what you need to do is to check out each and every one of them and see if they mention eco-friendly moving services. If they do, there is a good chance that they are the movers you need to contact.

What to keep in mind

The main reason why so few moving companies are eco-friendly is that it takes money to be so. Being eco-friendly and being cost-efficient doesn't always go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to moving. A company needs to be very well established and it needs to have the proper motivation in order to truly be eco-friendly.

Saying that you an eco-friendly moving company is much easier said than done.

Alt: Cars and trucks on the road

Another problem is that saying that you are eco-friendly is a great commercial. Figuring out whether a company is really eco-friendly or not takes knowledge and dedication. And moving companies don't usually count on their clients having them, so they simply claim to be eco-friendly without actually being so. Therefore, in order to do your business with a green moving company, you need to interview them. You can learn from Verified Movers how to do so properly. Unless they know all about the cost differences and the environmental impact that green moving has, they are not eco-friendly.

Getting eco-friendly packing supplies

The second part of having eco-friendly relocation is getting green packing supplies. This part is much more reliable as it is much easier to find green packing supplies then green movers. Although we feel that we should warn you, green packing supplies are not always the cheapest option. But, if you know how to make your move efficient and cost-effective, you will barely feel the added cost of green packing supplies.

Cardboard vs plastic

One of the more common misconceptions about green moving is that cardboard boxes are greener than plastic ones. Once you look into it a bit you will see that this is far from true. Not every type of cardboard is recyclable or biodegradable. Therefore, it is not the best choice when it comes to having an eco-friendly move. On the other hand, using plastic containers can be a much greener option. The main difference is that plastic containers can be reused hundreds, if not thousands of times. While you can only reuse a cardboard box two or three times before you have to throw it out.

Most of the moving boxes usually end up in the dumpster, which is why they are not really a green moving solution.

Alt: Boxes after moving.

Renting containers

What a lot of companies do in order to reduce the waste produced by moving is to rent plastic containers. This is a great way to pack your possessions in an eco-friendly way as you are not throwing anything out after the move. Not to mention the fact that plastic containers are sturdier and safer then carboard boxes ever could be. Some companies that have offices in different cities which makes bringing them in easy even after moving. Others will require you to unpack as soon as possible, and then let their movers take them. Overall, renting and using plastic can be a great way to have an efficient, green move. So, be sure to consider them for your next relocation.

Moving safety and eco-friendliness

The one thing you shouldn't do, when making your relocation eco-friendly, is risking the safety of your move. People usually do this when they try to use as few packing supplies as possible. Do not make this mistake. You need to understand that your possessions need to be properly, wrapped, padded and packed in order to have a safe relocation. This is done not only to keep your possessions in pristine condition. But, also to make too sure that anyone handling them will not get hurt. So, remember, first make sure that your relocation is safe, and then make it green.



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