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Learn How to Use Various Tools to Enhance Your Web Page!

Developing an attractive website is not a very easy task. The first and foremost thing to do is to make it aesthetically appealing and visually attractive. It is necessary to analyze the ongoing trends and thereafter incorporate them into the website.

Luckily, web developers who are hired from India are well acquainted with various tools to work in an effective manner. They can create websites that surely helps in securing higher rank in SEO.

Hire a website developer who is well-versed in the various tools of web designing, because it's all about employing the right tool in the right way.

The different tools used by web developers are elaborated here:

Form - It's very easy to create a php form with this tool and it is free. Its parent program gives you more power in designing.

Firebug - Firebug blends with Firefox to create a plethora of web development tools that are easy to access while you browse. It is more simplified and helps in debugging, editing and monitoring HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in different web pages. This is one of the most popular development tools.

Type tester - This is an online-based application. It is basically used to examine how fonts would look on a given text. Hire a web developer who can visualize and contrast different typefaces.

960 grid systems - The 960 grid system consolidates web development workflow by supplying familiar dimensions, which are mainly based on a width of 960 pixels.

ColorZilla - Colorzilla helps you read colors from any direction from your browser without any hassle. Colors can be easily adjusted and effortlessly pasted in another program.

Web developer toolbar - This is considered to be a very powerful Firefox plug-in. It implements many tools that are used on a regular basis.It helps with easy validation of XHTML and provides HTTP header information.

Icon Finder - Icon finder, as the name suggests, searches for high quality icons. It simplifies a web developer's task. Qualified developers are quite conversant in using Icon Finder.

Pingdom - Pingdom has the ability to load an entire HTML page with images, CSS, Flash and Java scripts. It utilizes visual time bars and is used to boost the performance of the site.


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