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Careers for People Interested in Making a Difference for the Environment


The best careers are those that are packed with purpose and meaning. For those who have a vision of changing the way we treat our environment, there are a few careers that might just be a match for you.

Green Energy

The global demand for green energy is on the rise. That’s a trend that isn’t going to stop. Not only is this a popular technology field in the US, nations like China (who loses trillions each year to environmental issues) desperately need replacements for fossil fuels. The demand is high, and the global environment needs people smart enough to solve the issues that the world faces.

These careers have many challenges and difficulties, but if you are dedicated, you have the potential to truly make a difference for future generations. If that is what you want most from your job, you now have some ideas of how to get that done.

Some skills on demand in this field are:

  • Patent lawyers
  • Software developers
  • Technical engineers


At first glance, education may not seem to measure up to finding a cure for cancer or saving the planet. The truth is, though, good educators can make a tremendous difference in dozens of lives every year.

As a professional educator, you not only have the opportunity to give students a practical and frank view on the state of the environment, but you also have the power to change individual lives. Many child geniuses are waiting just for a small spark to send them rocketing into brilliant success. Other’s desperately need the support of a good teacher to be able to graduate high school. If you are looking for a career change, the University of Cincinnati can offer you a masters in curriculum and instruction online.


More and more people are starting to pay attention to our ecosystem, so ecology-related jobs are not only world-changing, but they are growing in demand. Federal, state, and even international governments will pay a pretty penny for well-informed ecologist.

Ecologists study the relationships between people, animals, and the natural world. Their research lets everyone else know what we can do to help save our planet and why that's important. Many important government decisions are made with the expert opinion of these scientists.

Molecular Biology

Like medical technology, this can also have huge potential impact on physical health, except in this field it's all about studying the human body. Molecular biologists work to understand our anatomy and how it can be altered for better health.

Greater understanding of our biology can yield new treatments and cures for devastating diseases. This is an exciting field that changes all the time as our technology becomes more powerful.

Medical Technology

Finding cures for deadly diseases is often the first thing that comes to mind along with the idea of changing the world. This is a challenging career path, and it requires a lot of schooling, but successes for you could mean revolutionary new medications. You could relieve chronic pain, improve physical health, and extend lifespans.

If you're interested in medicine but more intrigued by chemistry than biology, this could be a good career for you.


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