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Old Tyres for Clean Nature

Tyres are among the most reusable materials, but the quantity of tyres recycled and reused in one year is still insufficient for a larger impact on the welfare on the environment. What every government should know is that old tyres can be used in many creative and nature-friendly ways. If we make an effort to reuse second-hand tyres, the overall budget of every local community is going to be reduced to a more sustainable one and that money can be redirected to some other fields, such as education or health care. As a matter of fact, an organized and state-supported approach to disposing old tyres could lead to significant savings both on the local and global level. Knowing that, we should take care of our old tyres and get to know ways in which this procedure can be done.


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Retreading instead of throwing away

The closest move for every person who has several tyres that should be disposed is taking them to a tyre factory and have them retreaded. Retreading is the fastest way for refurbishing your old tires by adding new treads to them. The greatest green advantage is that almost 90% percent of the old tyre is kept intact and the only part that is changed is the treads. Of course, the rest of the tyre is examined and tested, too. If it turns out that the rest is does not meet safety requirements, there will have to be some additional tyre-related works. However, even then, the overall price is much more acceptable than buying brand new ones.


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Tyres as home foundations and walls

When using them as a car basis, tyres serve as a sort of motion foundations. However, this is not the only place where old tyres can be used as the basis. Green, self-sufficient homes, which are becoming more and more popular, are a great chance for giving your old tyres a completely new role. This construction role of tyres means using them for multiple purposes, too. They are not only used for the basis, but tyres can also be built into the earth-friendly walls, as well. When being used that way, they are usually covered with clay, to make the walls look like real ones. In addition to that, these tyres are also insulated in a way and they will not be emitting any unpleasant odours, which is common for old tyres.

Half-way green – recycling tyres

Although recycling is also a nature-suitable way of getting rid of old tyres, if we compare this method to the previous two, it is clear that this one is becoming a bit outdated, although it is the most widespread one. If you want to recycle your old tyre, it will most probably reincarnate as something else. The large majority of recycled tyres are used as tire derived fuel. While this fuel has high energy efficiency, the problem is the fact that the tyre industry is going to need new natural resources for new tires. Although the energy taken from old tyres will not be thrown away, retreading and reusing old tyres still seems more efficient, at least in some future time. For now, it is better even to recycle tyres than to throw them away into the nearest dumpster.


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