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5 Green Upgrades for Your Bedroom

With more and more people making sustainable practices a priority, green living is trending in a big way. From plant-based diets to cruelty-free cosmetics, consumers are looking to spend their hard-earned dollars with companies whose practices reflect their values, and that goes for home goods as well. If you’re looking to makeover your space but don’t know where to start, look no further than where you wake up every morning!

If you’re looking to make a positive change to the space around you, take a look at these five easy and inspired ideas for upgrading your bedroom for a green lifestyle!

Rest Easy on a Green Mattress

It’s estimated that most people will spend around ⅓ of their life in bed, which makes a great case for investing in a solid mattress! Rather than sleeping on the chemically-treated materials most traditional mattresses are made of, you can do yourself, your bedroom, and the environment a favor by opting for a green variety for a great night’s sleep. Keep an eye out for companies that rely on functional fibers like avocado, hemp, organic cotton, and natural latex, to name a few.

Stay Soft and Sustainable with Bamboo Sheets

If you can’t drop hundreds on a brand new mattress, or if you’re looking to cover that new purchase with something equally eco-friendly, look no further than a set of bamboo sheets. Bamboo bedding is known for being so luxuriously soft and sustainably sourced. Not only will you feel great about using your spending power to support green manufacturing, your skin will feel just as nice sleeping on the temperature-regulating properties of bamboo viscose. Bonus points: Because sheets made from bamboo fibers naturally block bacteria and odor, they’ll require less spins in that washing machine, which saves on water usage and electricity over time.

Keep Surfaces Fresh with DIY Cleaners

Part of going green is keeping clean, so you’ll want to be sure to keep surfaced sprayed and wiped down with something as gentle and friendly as the rest of your room. This one can obviously reach throughout the home, and costing only pennies to create, will allow for a little extra spending room to allow for upgrades in your nightly sanctuary. To create a totally natural and safe cleansing spray, simply mix one part vinegar with two parts water, and add several drops of your favorite essential oil for a sweet scent — our favorites include orange, lemongrass, and peppermint!

Regulate Temps with Wooden Blinds

Heating and cooling the interior of homes is a major use of resources, so the best way to keep energy use and utility costs low is to insulate those windows. One easy and basic way to do this is with a set of wooden blinds, which work to keep hot or cold air (depending on what you need) in or out of the room with the pull of a string. Search for eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, woven grass, or certain types of sustainably sourced hardwood for a look that’s both functional and chic.

Use Energy Efficient Lights to Keep Things Easy on the Eyes

If going green feels like an overwhelming undertaking, don’t worry! Easing into new things generally helps build stronger habits, and, honestly, there’s nothing green about throwing perfectly good items into the dump. A good place to start is with lighting. The next time your basic bulb burns out, replace it with an energy efficient variety, like halogen incandescents, LEDs, and compact fluorescents. Can’t keep track? No problem! Just look for the ENERGY STAR seal of approval the next time you shop. See? So simple!


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