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Innocent victims of another war: flight MH17


On Thursday 17th of July a Malaysian airplane, flight MH17, was hit by a surface-to-air missile over the border between Ukraine and Russia, an unstable and dangerous area because of the war between Ukrainian army and the separatists supported by Russia. The plane crashe to the land, all the passengers of the plane (280) and the crue (15) died and leaving on the ground a horrible apocalypse of fire and metal. Because of the news international media focused again of the civil war in Ukraine and remembered people about the missing of flight MH370 altough the two events have no connections except the airlines company (which has just one fault) and connecting them now it's ridicolous.

Malaysian airlines has one fault: that plane mustn't flied over a war territory. And it's not the only one company that continues to fly over countries in war and dangerous. The plane was flying at 10,000 meters which was authorized although the Ukrainian government had closed the airspace for lower altitudes. The shstem which hit the plane was a SA-17, both Ukraine and Russia armies have them but also separatists have some units as an AP journalist can testify.

At least 154 people on the flight were Dutch citizens. There were also 43 Malaysians, including all 15 crew on board, 27 Australians, and 12 Indonesians. Other nationalities so far identified were six passengers from the United Kingdom, four from Germany, four Belgians, three from the Philippines and one Canadian. There are still 47 dead whose nationality has not yet been confirmed. There was also a Italo-Dutch citizen.

Both nations, Russia and USA (who else?) exploded accusing the other one of the disaster of the plane. The act seems not to be a terrorist attack but a mistake of one part in the conflict. According to the Times the separatists shot accidentally to the plane since the missing of a radar able to recognize the target. President Obama said the separatists are military supported by Russian Federation constantly and that U.S. have the proofs from satellite images.

This civil, useless, bloody war caused this. No doubts. We're in the XXI century and if a part of a country demands independence they have to start a war. And the most unbelievable fact is that Ukraine let the planes fly over a war zone. In fact 40 kilometers behind flight MH17 there was another plane. The explanation: apparently the route is cheaper. It's always money. This world won't progress if money is more important that the lives of thousands of people who risk to be killed without even knowing that.

There are many unbelievable facts about this tragedy, the last is that the area of the crash is full of separatists soldiers and the international observers stayed on the site for only 75 minutes. The black boxes are in Moscow and we probably never know what happened on that plane. Unfortunately there are people who make jokes about the death of the passengers. A civilization course would be a good thing for them but first for who started the war and who shot to the plane, who cares if it was an accident, that missile shouldn't be used (and built).


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