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Why It Is In Your Advantage To Use Green Construction Materials written by: MRoderick Introduction

The building costs, both environmentally and financially, have gone through the roof and there are no signs that it will be coming down anytime soon. As experts point out, the best way to keep the cost of construction low is by using green construction materials. These have many advantages and some of them are discussed below.

Cost Savings

There are many benefits to be got by using green construction materials. Some of them include:

• Green materials can be reclaimed from other projects or even recycled, a fact that helps avoid initial production fees

• These materials enable homeowners to easily abide by building codes, and these are becoming more stringent across US. The result is that costly delays that are normally associated with passing inspections or obtaining permits are eliminated or reduced.

• The cost of many green materials is becoming cheaper by the day, and this can be attributed to improved fabrication methods and increased production

Better Health, Well-Being and Productivity

There is no question as to the danger posed by using traditional construction materials. One of these is the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and these have been proven to increase cancer risks as well as other problems.

With green products, such problems do not exist. A good example is that of wheat straw. It can be made into sheets which serve the same work as plywood, and the best thing is that it does not require the formaldehyde to be used.

Another thing is that green construction materials tend to go together with building methods and designs that are environmentally friendly. These methods incorporate open spaces, natural light sources as well as brighter surroundings. These elements are all associated with greater happiness and enhanced health. They also have significant payoffs for builders, employers, providers of healthcare and even the society as a whole.


Energy efficiency and more resources

Green building also involves using renewable and alternative sources of energy like wind and solar power. While installing these might appear expensive initially, it has potential of paying off handsomely in the future.

How do you achieve these benefits?

If you are to enjoy the many benefits that are brought about by using green construction materials and methods, it is important that you be committed to using them right from the onset of the project. In fact, you need to make up your mind even before you get general construction permit. It is also important that all engineers, consultants, architects as well as other professionals be properly versed with building methods that are environmentally friendly. These need to work in cooperation with one another to ensure that all possible sustainable techniques are fully taken advantage of. For instance, water systems may be made in such a way that they are able to not only use but also collect rainfall.

Criteria for choosing the site of the project

In order to select the most appropriate location for a project, a number of considerations will need to taken into account. The following are some of the considerations that may disqualify a given location.

• The endangered species are present nearby

• The site has historical or cultural significance

• If the site will require that large areas are deforested, or the landscape needs to be significantly altered, then this is not a good site.


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