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Simple and Lively: Bedroom Improvements That Will Make A Child's Day

For your kid, a bedroom can be the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Neverland, the Land of Narnia, Arendelle or Wonderland. The four-cornered space is like the whole world. But, true or not, children’s imaginations always go beyond the doors and windows of the bedroom.

You might be stressing out right now. How are you going to transform the room to achieve your little child’s wishes? Small or wide, you can still turn the whole space into a lively and fantastical one.

In the midst of your improvement lists as a parent, bedroom transformation must be part of it.  Out of all parts of your home, a bedroom becomes a sacred place for resting. Transforming your child’s space should be a part of your priorities to make sure you can provide comfortability and quality sleep to your child.

According to National Sleep Foundation, kids spend 40% of their childhood asleep. The environment affects their sleeping patterns, and having sleep deprivation will only create an enormous effect on your child’s mental and physical health.

A good sleep hygiene while understanding the aspect of affection and active caretaking in the initial development of neurobehavioral systems of your child is essential. It proves to give an impact to social policy and children’s health.

Since you want your children to grow up well as they spend time in the room, you should transform it. Here are the ways to achieve it while you save space. Make your child happier than ever before.

Creative Walls and Corners

A normal looking corner can become lively when you place a closet, box organizers or a sofa.  You can stimulate your child’s creative side by making a chalkboard wall. The good thing about it is, you don’t have to worry about wallpapers. Corner layouts make a bedroom complacent for moderns designs that are good for homework and play.

It means that you have space for everything. You can also place wall and over-the-door pockets which keep the toys in sight. Put something natural like the multi-storey wooden rack to keep their favorite shoe in place.

Innovative 3-in-1

When a bedroom is not spacious enough to install bookshelf, desk, and bed, there’s a way to put everything all together. The three-in-one design means every piece is close at hand. If you only have one child in a room, you can modify a bunk bed. Make the lower part of it as a space for study, put desk and shelves and use the upper deck as the bed. 

If your child can already climb and down the stairs, then it’s a good choice.  Also, you can use the floor as a play area. Paint or put a mat with your kid’s favorite character or hero. It will make them feel secure and relaxed during sleep.

Sleep on Storage

Kids continuously gather new toys, books, and clothes so it is almost impossible to have too much storage in their bedrooms. The wonderful thing of getting a bed with built-in storage is that you acquire useful, comfortably accessed space for storing away stuff, without taking up space on the floor.

Clever Shared Space

Make standard-looking bunk beds extra special. While you guarantee the quality of the beds, don’t forget to get creative. In a shared room, place two beds, giving every child their territory.  You can follow the "3-in-1" style. Provide sleeping space on top and use the spot below for their stuff. Prevent your child from falling by placing a guardrail.

You may also want to take advantage of vaulted ceilings. Feature fanciful yet comfortable pillow and use window shades. For example, getting a mattress like the Sealy King Single Mattress is a good idea because it saves space and is more economical in the long run.

Themes and Color Compromise

Make a room with cohesive color schemes for your child. If a space shared by brothers, match up colors that compromise their tastes. As for the themes, incorporate it equally. If one likes soccer and the other likes baseball, make sure to divide the transformations without bias to make a peaceful relationship. 

Fun Roulette

Transform a plain and small room into a space that saturates playtime for kids. It will encourage them to have fun without gadgets. Spare boxes for toy storage that fits within the grid system. Make it height-friendly to make it accessible for the younger ones.

Sometimes, age range stirs sibling relationships, but through smart bedroom layouts, you can create an avenue that will make your kids closer together.

Get Crafty

You can use fabric to add an element of adventure. Kids admire the exhilaration of having a camp in a tent, which you can simply recreate using a couple of wooden poles and a canopy hung from the ceiling on four hooks.

You can make a reversible canopy with two different fabrics to easily alter the atmosphere of the room. If you want to have the entire camping ambiance for your kids, oversized floor cushions and bean bag covers are perfect for playdates and bedtime stories. And to keep the floor space free, you can attach a few hooks so that it is easier to hang it on the walls.

Forget It Not

Aside from saving space and integrating their likes, finding the best bed and mattresses must also be on top of the list. Find a breathable and comfortable pillow to help them sleep better. You can place scents to fit your child’s mood. Also, think about a good room lighting fixtures and color tones that can give off a warm light at night.


It’s only natural for kids room to be messy, but with proper and stylish organizing and storage systems, you can make the room lively while keeping it uncluttered. Keep the things that they love throughout the sound night and boost their mental clarity and happiness


Moreover, get rid of the things which are not in use and donate it to the less fortunate. Incorporate the things which they love to boost their mood and to make them feel your love. Let them feel like princes or princesses and less like a brat. Make the room uniquely stylish while keeping the mess to a minimum.

Author Bio

An interior designer by profession, Rachel Minahan is a mother of one who likes stuff that talks about parenting and home improvement. Regardless of her busy schedule, she never forgets to spend time with his daughter. 



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