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How to Get Better Gas Mileage out of Your Current Vehicle


Summer is on the horizon, which is welcome news to many people across North America. It’s time to finalize vacation trips, organize camps for the kids, and open up cottages. It is a fun time of year, but can also be a costly one between the time off work and the expenses. But oddly enough, an easy way to save a little bit of cash can be done by making some small adjustments to the transportation that will be ushering you between all of these destinations. I am of course, talking about your car.


We all know that fuel and gas prices have steadily been on the rise for over a decade now, and with the amount of ground that we all cover over the course of the summer with our vehicles can add up. Because whether it's a road trip or driving to the cottage every weekend, it is easy to spend a small fortune on gas. Due to this it is important to do what you can to your car - from Ford Transit Connects down to two-seated convertibles - to do what you can to get the best gas mileage you can in order to keep a couple extra dollars in your wallet. Luckily, weve compiled a cheat sheet of quick and easy little things for you to do.


Oil Change

Oil is responsible for making sure that all the pieces within the engine run smoothly. It lubricates everything so that they can do their jobs easily, without any issues, and utilizing as little fuel as possible. Unfortunately oil gets old and becomes less effective as time goes on. It gets thicker, making it a less effective lubricant.


Essentially what this means is that more energy is expended making all of the parts of the engine operate because they become more difficult to move without effective lubrication. Meaning that more gas is expended. If oil goes unchanged for too long it can actually cause damage, and reduce the lifespan of the engine. It will become a sludge that serves as insulation for these parts, putting them at risk of overheating.


Making Your Car More Aerodynamic

This may seem like a very simple solution, but often the simplest ones are among the most effective. In the same way you want oil for your car that will make the engine parts run smoothly, you want a car that will pierce through the air with the least resistance. It is the same principle as before; the less resistance there is, the less energy is needed to make to car do the task. So a vehicle that pierces through the air is more fuel efficient than one that pushes through it.


Now, we arent suggesting you purchase a new car to achieve this, but there are some things you can do to make your current vehicle more aerodynamic. You can start by removing things that cause excess drag like storage bins or bike racks when they are not in use. Adjusting the angle of your mirrors and installing a side skirt will also help.


Overall Maintenance

It is important to stay up to date on your car maintenance as well. Efficient parts will equal fuel efficiency. It’s the little things that count, like pumping up your tires. Full tires will have less drag on the road than flat ones, improving gas mileage. You should also go to the mechanic at least once a year for an engine tune up. This will ensure that everything is working the way that it should be, as well as prevent any serious damage down the line. If for nothing else, it ensures that you and your loved ones are safe driving in the vehicle.


Driving Efficiently

When you're doing the actual driving, there are a lot of things that you can do to maximize gas mileage. You want to avoid excess idling for instance. If you are going to stop for more than a couple seconds, it makes more sense fuel-wise to turn off your car completely. It takes only 10 seconds worth of gas to restart the engine. You should also observe the speed limit to save some money. Acceleration and driving over 50 miles per hour both will expend excess fuel. Finally, dont shy away from cruise control. It will help you maintain a constant speed while also conserving gas.


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