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5 Eco-friendly tips to clean your home

Maintaining a presentable and sanitary living space can seem like too much to do. With all those cleaning projects, it may sometimes feel as if there is not enough time in a day. As if day-to-day cleaning chores are not enough, there are also bigger cleaning projects like cleaning windows or removing dirt from curtains that should be done at least once in a year. But not worry. In this post, we tell you 5 green and simple cleaning tips that will make cleaning a breeze. Read on to discover more.

1. Glass and Mirrors

You do not necessarily need to clean your windows using ammonia-based cleaners. Instead, you can use lemon juice. Just add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice to 1/2 gallon of water. Alcohol and witch hazel, when mixed together, also works great.

Old newspapers are not good for wiping or cleaning windows although the common misconception is that they are. However, it is not only messy but also a complete waste of time. The best alternative is to use a clean and lint-free rag. A cloth diaper or old cotton t-shirt also works.

2. Spring cleaning your home with using condiments

When it comes to cleaning several types of floors found in your home, a solution of basic vinegar and water will do just fine. Use the tips below:

• Mix a cup of vinegar with one gallon of warm water and then mop the mixture onto ceramic tile, vinyl, wood floor or linoleum.

• Rinsing is not necessary and this will save you both water and time.

• Mop it over using a straight club soda to give it a shiny touch if it appears dull after cleaning.

• Try saturating wood floors with water and vinegar solutions

3. Paint odors

Every time you have to complete indoor painting project, it helps to manage he paint smell by having small vinegar dishes scattered in the room. This is because vinegar absorbs paint smell even as you work. After you are done with the painting project, lave the vinegar dishes out for a few day and they will keep paint smell away. Just ensure that you change the vinegar daily.

4. Furniture polishing

Since furniture polish is made from petroleum solvents and distillates, all of which are not only smelly but also dangerous, it remains high on the list of Terrible Ten. And they are also very poisonous, which is the reason you should not keep them near you especially with so many eco-friendly ways of polishing your wooden items.

One effective yet earth-friendly method is to mix olive oil and lemon juice. Just mix them in the ratio of 2:1and then apply the mixture to your wooden furniture by means of a soft cloth. Not only dies this combination gives your wooden furniture nice smell but it also makes it sparkling shiny. If you do not have time, you can hire cleaning professionals to ensure that you not only live but also work in an environment that is clean.

5. Fire place

If you feel that your fireplace has amassed enough smoke smudges and soot and you want to give it a makeover, you can just apply water, tartar and cream paste. Just chafe the past onto the stains, leave it to dry and then scrub off.

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This is such an interesting article and very cost effective too. It is lovely to hear more about solutions that are not harmful. However, I am wondering what one can use as a toilet cleaner? i would appreciate information on this.

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