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Junk food trouble


We all know how we tend be care free during our youth, since our body is young, strong, resilient, we don't feel severe consequences of the smoking and hangovers last about six hours. Although, it is true that we can recover swiftly, and go on like everything is normal, a world of pain awaits us once we get older. To make things worse, a lot of people eat only fast food, and the intake of vitamins is ridiculously low. It is this kind of lifestyle that will leave us standing in awe before our own stupidity. Of course, we shouldn't turn our backs completely to all the things that are bad for our health, but make us happy at the same time, but perhaps, if you become more aware of the consequences that will occur in your future, maybe you will at least try to be more cautious. Here are a couple of things that await you, as long as you continue to live recklessly.

Your metabolism is in danger


Like it was mentioned before, junk food does not have supplements, which your body requires to function normally. You do not have to be an old person to experience the damage that junk food inflicts on your metabolism... after all, obesity is quite common even in younger ages. Prolonged intake of fast food is the key ingredient to becoming famous and joining reality shows that gather obese people in order to gain viewers. Do not shape your own weakness that people will try to expose for their own benefit. It seems as if we never evolved past the point where we love to see other people struggle in order to be entertained.

Your life is in danger

Obesity is not the only thing you should worry about, there are also heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Because of all the spices and the abundance of salt that resides in junk food, our blood pressure rises, thus putting extra strain on our kidneys, which results in heart problems. This is the problem that occurs because of salts, but sugar on the other hand causes type 2 diabetes. Whenever sugar strains your metabolism, your body produces insulin, so that it can prevent a drastic rise of sugar levels in your blood system. Due to the lack of protein in junk food, your body can't properly maintain normal sugar levels, which causes a chain reaction that creates cravings for more sugar, so we end up eating even more fast food afterwards. It is a kind of perpetual cycle that makes it difficult to give up this nasty habit, and just like any other addiction, junk food has the ability to control our life that way.

What you eat leads to depression


Another side effect of junk food is depression and low self-esteem, which really represents a problem for children who are still developing. Gaining weight causes our self-esteem to drop, which can lead to depression, and depression can affect children's growth in a negative way. Depression also affects social life; kids will end up being castaways, which later on leads to further insecurity. I do not mean to exaggerate, but it is true that a depressed life and a poor childhood can result in suicide.

Teeth damage


Tooth decay, although not as serious as the previously mentioned problems, should not be neglected. It is very painful, it develops and spreads quickly, and to top it all, it is not something that is invisible. If there is a decay on your teeth, you are going to be ashamed of your own smile. You should have your teeth checked, regardless of whether you are a fast food junkie or not, and you need to brush and floss regularly. Our teeth are our natural treasure that should be preserved for as long as possible.

The list of junk food side effects goes on, but as human beings, we all have it in our nature to be easily addicted to bad things, and when we want to change our lifestyle, it is usually too late. It is like we are impervious to listening to reason and learning from other people's mistakes. The only silver lining is that at least we are not alone in our stupidity.

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This information is a good reminder that we need to take better care of ourselves and that we actually can. We make to many excuses for our very bad behavior, bade eating habits, lack of exercise, lack of sleep and relaxation etc. Before we know it, we are in trouble. Heart disease, obesity, kidney failure - these are only a few of the consequences of our personal neglect.The sooner we take corrective action the better.

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