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How to Choose a Building Company for an Eco-Friendly Home


Homeowners today are choosing eco-friendly houses in increasingly large numbers. These homes conserve energy and other resources like water. They improve air quality and create very little waste. Not all builders can design and construct these types of homes. There are several things to look for when choosing a builder for an eco-friendly home project.

A Portfolio of Other Successful Eco-Friendly Projects

The first thing to look for is a portfolio of previous successful eco-friendly projects. The builders should be able to provide a detailed description or pictures of construction projects that have clear environmentally friendly aspects. Previous projects could be a home that uses solar power and geothermal heating or the installation of an eco-friendly water pump. The projects should show the builders have a strong commitment to environmentally responsible construction.

Sustainable Construction Practices

The right builder for an eco-friendly home project will use sustainable construction practices. Sustainable practices attempt to minimize any negative impacts that could emerge from the different materials and techniques used to build the house. These practices should include proper disposal of any construction waste. The builders should use a minimum amount of harmful chemicals that could affect ground water or air quality. It will help to find builders who conserve energy during construction. This will reduce the overall environmental footprint of a home from the start. Two modules in particular that your should have acquired are the Site Establishment & Environmental Obligations and the Environmental Management and Planning courses available through Blueprint CPD.

Knowledge about the Latest Green Technologies and Materials

The technology, materials and best practices for eco-friendly construction are not static. They change and evolve. The right builders should stay current with the newest technologies and materials through continuing professional development (CPD) and training. CPD points for builders show that the workers have undergone training recently. The builders are constantly learning about new sustainable materials, supplies that do not contain volatile organic compounds and the latest techniques that reduce waste. By choosing a company that earns new builders CPD points every year, clients can rest assured that the workers will be using only the latest technologies and construction practices.

Proper Licensing In the Area

Any builder chosen for an eco home project should hold all of the proper licensing within the area. This often means being a registered contractor and holding current insurance. Some areas also require builders CPD points to be earned every year. Companies that do not have the right licensing could cause problems later especially if issues emerge around liability for an accident. The actual licensing requirements vary from one municipality to the next.

Good References

The right builder for an eco-friendly home project will have several good references from past clients. Asking for two to three references is always a smart idea. These references can speak to issues that might not be obvious from advertisements or talking to the builders. References could talk about how much energy was saved after the project was completed or how the work is standing up over time.


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