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How Eco Limousine Are Becoming More Popular


People do not always think of the eco-friendly when it comes to gigantic limousines used by CEOs of large companies or celebrities. The world is becoming increasingly concernend about the environment and what would be left for future generations to come. Whenever people decide to get a limousine hire, they want a limo hire service that is friendly to the environment. Limo hire services
. Eco-friendly limousine hire services are becoming more common.

Factors That Make A Limo Eco-Friendly

* Cleaner fuel
- The fuels that limos use now are the most important factor that is allowing huge limos to have less of an impact on the environment. Flex fuels can be power
. They have superior miles-per-gallon. These limousines are more suitable and emit less greenhouse gases as well.

* Bio-diesel
- There is about 90 percent less greenhouse gases emitted.

* Combo engines
- The hybrid cars made these engines famous. This includes the Prius. A number of limos have these gas/electric engines installed in them. The miles-per-gallon can be lower in these engines with the help of the battery. The battery can also supplies power for the electrical components.

* E85 -
This is also known as ethanol. It generates 60 percent less ozone-forming emissions. It is also renewable.

* Compressed natural gas.
This also has fewer greenhouse gas emission than LPG, diesel, or gas. It is safer to use as well.

Limos That Are Eco-Friendly

* Prius limo
- The hybrid car revolution was led by the Prius. This vehicle helped to start the eco-friendly limo revolution. The idea of making a limo out of a Pirus came from someone from Canada. Many people know this car as the Primo. This limo has six doors and eight seats. This vehicle gets 50 miles-per-gallon. You may be get a limo hire and have a Prius roll up as part of the limousine service.

* Nissan Leaf stretch limo
- The first completely electric limo is the Nissan Leaf. It was built for Emabassy Suites in Franklin, TN. There is an eight person capacity. This vehicle can go for almost 100 miles from one charge.

* Knight XV
- This is an armored limo. It is ideal for a night on the town.

* Chevy Tahoe Hybrid limo
- It was transformed into the first hybrid SUV limo in the world. This limo gets better gas mileage than a Tahoe that is not a hybrid. It is about 80 percent better as well.


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