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Green Methods of Commercial Cleaning


Our society is rapidly moving towards Earth friendly behaviors and practices. Even profit hungry businesses are going green by investing in renewable energy resources and using products that are environmentally friendly. Many commercial cleaning businesses have also made the transition to green practices. Businesses that hire cleaning services should be aware that plenty of these companies have made an effort to “go green” in an attempt to save the planet while procuring customers. These green cleaners utilize cleaning methods and substances that are healthy for their own workers, the client's employees and our planet.

The Green Cleaning Movement

In order to clean in a “green” manner, custodial services make a concerted attempt to only select cleaning products that are environmentally and health friendly. They go out of their way to find sprays, soaps and other cleaning fluids that don't contain harmful chemicals. Green cleaners also perform their cleaning functions with methods that will not harm any of the employees on the premises. They are extremely mindful of the ramifications of bargain rate commercial cleaning solutions that can negatively affect their own employees, the employees of the work site and the actual building that needs to be maintained. Rest assured that all of these considerations are accounted for without sacrificing the quality of the office cleaning.

The Value of a Green Clean

A green clean isn't merely limited to the use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Green cleaners go to great lengths to properly train their employees about the right cleaning methods. Shoddy techniques can be damaging to not only the client's building but also the people who spend time there. Green cleaners are trained on how to clean surfaces and facilities in a manner that will not leave them tainted with potentially harmful sprays and liquids. This means that the cleaning staff is taught about proper disposal methods and green cleaning procedures that will remove dirt and kill germs without leaving any residues.

Businesses and individuals interested in using conventional cleaning solutions should be aware that these products typically contain nasty chemicals that can prove poisonous not only to the building that is supposed to be cleaned but also the people that occupy it. Traditional cleaning products that are left on sink surfaces, in toilet bowls or sprayed into the air (aerosols) have the potential to harm our air and water supplies. The results can be disastrous. Our air becomes more toxic, our water is tainted with chemicals and aquatic life can be mutated or killed. So, anyone looking to hire a cleaning service should be proactive and do a little bit of research to find a cleaning company in the area that is committed to green practices and products.

Reasons to Go Green

The primary reason for a business to hire a green office cleaning service is to preserve the health of employees. Sick people aren't very productive. Compromising indoor air quality to save a few bucks on a cleaning contract just isn't worth it. Green cleaners also utilize products that don't contain allergens so there is less of a chance that the building's staff will experience allergy symptoms.

Be aware that green cleaners can offer competitive rates even though they aren't purchasing bargain basement cleaning products. Economically efficient green cleaning services are out there. Take a moment to find one and go green today.


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