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Effectual Tips to Save Electricity on Laundry

Doing your regular laundry task through the washing machine and tumbler, literary devour electricity. It has been estimated that in average household laundry consumes nearly 5 percent of the overall electricity bill. By bringing small changes to the regular procedure of washing clothes, one can cut down the energy bill to a significant level. Nearly 90% of the electricity used in a washing machine goes behind heating up the water and the rest of the energy is needed to run the motor of the machine. There are effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint to the environment and make the burden lighter on your pocket. Let’s catch a glimpse of them-

        Only bad stains, dirty clothes and stinky underwear require warmer temperature to be washed properly, otherwise, 300 C is enough to wash off the regular clothes. Choose a laundry detergent that is made to use with cold water for availing best result. Most of us are not aware of the fact that washing machine can actually work equally well with cold water. Wash the clothes through the lowest water level and shortest cycle feasible for your requirement. However, it’s important to wash the clothes with hot water occasionally as it prevents the forming of bad odors and accumulation of bacteria in the machine.

        Instead of washing your clothes regularly via the washing machine use it only when you amass a full load of clothes as partially loaded washer consumes as much electricity as a completely loaded machine. However, when you need to operate the machine with a partial load make sure you place it in proper load size. However, never overload the machine, as it will impede the washer to clean the clothes properly.

        Use an outdoor washing line instead of an electric dryer as it’s not only the eco-friendly way of drying your clothes but also save a large amount on your electricity bill. However, when the weather makes it impossible to dry your clothes outside, an indoor wall mounted clothes line can come into great help.

        When you are running out of time and it’s become important to use an electric dryer, take out the clothes out of it as soon as possible as modern appliances continue to rotate to avoid creasing thus consume more energy.

        Before putting your clothes inside it, sort them out by the type of fabric, as different fabric requires different timing to dry and clean the lint after every use. By cleaning out the fluff you can help the machine to operate efficiently.

Instead of using old appliances bring home energy efficient washer with higher energy rating that tends to consume nearly 37% less electricity. If you are not ready to invest in energy saving appliances then investing on the clothes line is certainly a good alternative way to save on electricity bill. There are wide variations in clotheslines in Australia that can be easily bought from the online website.



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