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Most Innovative and Beautiful Garden Trends of 2016

The natural beauty cannot be replaced by artificial things. The positive externality that you feel when moving in a peaceful green area cannot be achieved when travelling in a metropolitan city full of sky scrapers. The size of the homes have unfortunately shrank in the past few decades. Large homes are not affordable and flats are becoming more common. This has also resulted in evolution for gardens and they are being adjusted according to the size of flats and small homes. Therefore, whatever type of home you have, you can have an exquisite garden. Here are some of the top trends that you may consider for garden at your home.

Different color plants

Color combination matters a lot when you intend to decorate your home. Having plants in your home of different colors give unique look to your entire place. Dark walls are becoming more trendy and gray and golden color plants appear more beautiful with them. With some green plants, you can always paint few plants in the above mentioned colors in order to give a trendy look to your indoor/outdoor garden. Moreover, you can use Coleus plants that are multicolored. They come in different sizes and colors and you can always match them with color combination of your home.

Growing vegetables indoor

Gardening becomes more lucrative when you get some tangible benefit out of it. Many people consider gardening as a time taking activity that has got little benefits. However, you can reap fruits of gardening by growing some seasonal vegetables that you can actually eat after they are ready. Growing vegetables do not require large space, you can easily grow them indoor. Tomatoes and Peeper are the most popular home grown indoor vegetables. They require proper sunlight.Other certain conditions must be checked before growing them. Care must be taken to give them adequate water and sunlight. Carrots and Mushrooms can also be grown at home and you can eat organic and healthy home grown food from your own garden.

Outdoor Fire pits

It is one of the most joyful feelings to sit in mild winter in your home with a fire pit. Having a fire pit in your garden gives it an exclusive look. Fire pits are becoming more trendy and you can have one in the center of your garden. You can even have barbecue on that fire pit. It will be something adorable. Care must be taken when deciding the position of fire pit in order to avoid fire in the ground.

LED lightening in your garden

Lightening your garden with LED's is economical, yet the most creative thing you will ever see. Lightening embellishes your garden. The LED lights use minimum amount of electricity. They also come in different colors. The best thing about LED lightening is that you can use different color LED's for different events. You can have red lightening for Christmas and blue lightening for your birthday. If you make good color combination of LED lightening with the plants, your garden will appear more beautiful and appealing.

Swimming pool in the garden

Swimming pool between your gardens is the most luxurious thing to experience. However, you must have a big garden in order to accommodate a reasonable swimming pool. In-ground pools are expensive to build but they look more coherent with your garden. You can discuss with a professional swimming pool design and construction company on different options for designing and constructing a beautiful swimming pool within your budget and space. You can have a small swimming pool that can help you to exhaust your everyday stress and tiredness. Safety precautions must be taken if there are kids in your home.




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