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Four of the Greenest Ways to Upgrade Your Home and Reduce Your Eco-Impact

Nobody can deny the importance of living a green life. You are able to help preserve the environment while also saving money each month on your energy bills. Most old homes are not very energy efficient, but that does not mean you have to abandon your green life. Making these four easy upgrades to your home will modernize it while also reducing your environmental impact at the same time.

Green Floors

Few things make a home look better than new hardwood flooring, but you do not have to kill a bunch of trees to get this great look. There are several places where you can get sustainable wood flooring options. They are usually made from bamboo or cork, but you will never be able to tell they are not traditional hardwood floors. The sustainable wood floors are also more durable and easier to clean.

Metal Roof

Traditional roofs waste energy because they absorb heat into the home. This means that your air conditioner has to work a lot harder on a hot day to cool off your house. Installing a metal roof on the top of your house will reflect the heat the sun away from the house, which will greatly save on your energy usage. Most of the metal roofs available to purchase are made to mimic wood, stone or tile, so you do not have to worry about have a shiny piece of metal on the top of your house.

Replace the Water Fixtures

If you have any toilets, sinks or showers installed before 1994 in your home, then you are just wasting water and money each month. Government standards started in 1994 now require all water fixtures to conserve as much water as possible. Installing new low-flow toilets and shower heads in your house will potentially save you more than $100 each year on your water bill.

Energy-Efficient Water Heater

It has been proven that water heaters account for a large chunk of the energy usage in every home. You can drastically lower your energy usage by installing a tankless water heater. These, according to a specialist from Puget Sound Plumbing, heat water only when you need it. Solar or tankless water heaters will provide even more savings than a traditional energy-efficient water heater, but they may require you to adjust a few of your normal routines.

All four of these green upgrades are extremely easy to install in any home, so everyone should be attempting to live a greener life. Even if you do not care about preserving the environment, you will still save a lot of money each year with these green home upgrades.


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