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About this blog

Air Conditioners Don't Power Themselves

Despite what we all may wish was true in the depths of the hot summer months, air conditioners do not power themselves. They have to run off of some form of authority, and that has consequences. Similarly, the effects of running the air conditioner are going to have some impact on the world.


Electricity Use

When thinking about the environmental impacts of air conditioners, one of the first things we think about is the electricity. It takes the burning of fossil fuels and coal to power the electricity that we use in our air conditioning. During combustion of these fossil fuels, there is the release and pollution of mercury and carbon dioxide. All in all, these air conditioners can release 100 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. However, we can prevent that by using the latest, environmentally safe and energy efficient air conditioning installation Denver.



Older air conditioners use what are known as CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons. These chemicals are known to completely destroy the ozone, which leads to a higher level of air pollution and environmental damage. These were then replaced by HCFCs, or hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which were 95% less damaging to the ozone. However, as the ever-increasing use of air conditioners show, these are still not good enough to protect the environment. New technology has created ozone-safe cooling materials that are safer for the environment, and will more efficiently cool your home.


Disposal of the Unit

Too many people opt not to have air conditioning installation Denver, which means that when they replace an air conditioning unit, they are disposing of the old unit themselves as well. Proper disposal of air conditioners can help avoid pollution of the chemicals used within the unit. As mentioned above, if you are replacing an older unit, you may be disposing of chemicals that are not only bad for the environment and the ozone layer but can be toxic when inappropriately handled. It is why you should always have a professional install and dispose of air conditioners.


Health Effects

Air conditioners are very beneficial for your health if they are used correctly and are well-maintained. In sweltering summers, the heat can lead to not only discomfort but actual health problems. Air conditioners ensure that you keep from getting illnesses such as heat stroke. Similarly, when you take proper care of your air conditioner and the filter, you can filter out allergens and other air pollutants from the air. Whether you have sensitive allergies or have lung and breathing problems, this can be very helpful when dealing with those issues, if you take proper care of your air conditioner and filter.



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